Listening To:

I’m a huge fan of 90’s music (it’s my JAM, man).  With that being said, here are some of my favs at the moment:

+”Come Out and Play”, The Offspring

+”The Rockafeller Skank”, Fat Boy Slim (an ode to She’s All That..aww and Paul Walker)

+”All of You”, John Legend.  I know it’s overplayed, but I just can’t help it.

+”Zombie”, The Cranberries

Checking Out (the dub-ya, dub-ya, dub-ya) :, I can’t stop staring at the spring handbags, especially the Rebecca Minkoff., does the phrase “BOGO” mean anything to you?  It should.  Handbags and shoes….BOGO…BOGO… –Super good flash sale going on until the 22nd, where you can purchase current products at 50% off!


+Wahlburgers. Donnie, Mark (and the other brother) + burger joints in Boston + their mom = hilarious!  Brock was watching this one night and I sat down to give it a shot and seriously was instantly hooked.

+The Voice.  I truly love the dynamic between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton.  Who would you pick as a coach?  Team Adam here!

+Dancing With the Stars.  This season my twitter BFF (another story for another time) Candace Cameron Bure is a competitor.  You can read about how she inspires me here.

+Anger Management.  So I’m not the biggest Charlie Sheen fan, but this show is hilarious.  To be honest, Brian Austin Green (you may remember him as David Silver on 90210) steals every scene he’s in.  Dude is funny–fo’ sho’.

+Dallas.  I mean…eye candy galore.  According to my husband, there’s just as much eye candy for dudes too.  I never was allowed to watch the original when it aired back in the day, so basically I never know what’s going on in this revamped version, but did I mention the eye candy–usually in the form of Jesse Metcalf and Josh Henderson.

+Cougar Town.  Are you watching this yet?  I promise you will love everything about it!


Ya, so I’m just going to leave this blank.


Is anyone else obsessed with sweets right now, or is it just me?  I’m hoping everyone I know is having the same problem, so that when I gain 20 pounds, it won’t matter because everyone else around me will have gained as well.  I keep a stash of Smart Ones cookie dough sundae’s in the freezer right now, it’s getting to be a bad habit.  I won’t even mention my love for the jalapeno kettle chips in the pantry.  I’m gonna go ahead and blame the crazy Indiana weather.  It takes the blame for most of my problems.

Guess what all?  It’s Friday!  Hooray!!!

Have a great weekend!

PS–Please feel free to leave comments.  They make me happy. 🙂

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