November Blessings

I am a very thankful person.  Since it’s November and my Facebook feed is being swamped with “Today I’m thankful for…” posts, it reminded me that it’s the month of giving thanks, to be ever grateful for what God has given me.  However, those of you who know me, know I kinda take this to the next level.

Be thankful every. single. day. of your life!  No offense to Facebook traditions or anything, but everyday is an “Today I’m thankful for…” day to me.  God has blessed our family so much, in every way possible and I am truly grateful to Him of my life…..and I definitely let Him know!

Every day when I say my prayers, I thank God for my soul, spirit and strength (in fourth grade my dad told me those were some of the things he prayed about every day, and it kind of stuck with me.)  I  ALWAYS thank God for my family’s  HEALTH.  Oh my goodness what would we all do without our amazing health!?  Health is so very important and there’s not a day that goes by where I’m not grateful for mine and my family’s.  I thank Him for blessing us with a beautiful healthy little boy who has grown up to be this amazing little man at the ripe ol’ exciting age of 4.  I thank Him for continuing to keep my dad, mom, brother, in laws (etc.) and other family members healthy.  I just never want to be one of those people who take health for granted, because it’s such a blessing.

I thank God everyday for also keeping us SAFE.  Safety is a big thing for a worry wort like me.  I’m the preventer, the pro-active one–the one who always thinks ahead and counts my blessings for keeping my family and I safe.  I’m thankful for being able to stay safe in our vehicles, at work, at school, and even  just out and about.  You never know when an innocent situation will turn out to be an unsafe situation (a prime example of this would be the midnight showing of the new Batman movie this summer that turned into a complete tragedy), and I’m thankful to Him for keeping our situations safe.

I thank Him for keeping my family HAPPY.  What is true happiness?  I think it’s different for everyone, but take the element of happiness out of your daily routine and you soon find out quick what made you the happiest.  I choose to be thankful for happiness every day, and choose to be happy about the every day things in my life that I’m blessed enough to have.  My hubby, my little Brayden, my parents, my brother, my friends, our crazy hyper dogs, my daily cup of Starbucks, the ability to go to Target and drop $50 on completely random things that probably are not a necessity, the new issue of US Weekly, new shoes and many other things.

I thank Him for the things that happen every day that count in a big way.  I thank Him for mine and Brock’s jobs, our cars, our house and our dogs.  I also thank Him for allowing me to have success with Thirty one!

I would challenge everyone to be 100% thankful every day, and not just when it’s being brought to your attention.  Thank Him for what is most important in your life.  Always be thankful, and know who is responsible for the blessings bestowed upon you.

What are you most thankful for?

Our Family ❤

A marriage 8 years strong!

A family that is amazing and always there 🙂

The ability to be able to take vacations and share the beach happiness with Brayden 🙂

For being able to act 18 again when a movie you like comes out

For amazing friends

For the best cupcakes in the world!

To be able to participate in the Super Bowl fun in our town!

To celebrate all his amazing birthdays 🙂

To be able to appreciate this view

To enjoy this smile and this little guy to the fullest ❤

For friends I have had since middle school 🙂

and friends from elementary school that I’m still best friends with 🙂

For being able to know success in the Thirty one world

For having 3 boxers that, although lazy, make Brayden so incredibly happy

And for being able to know what true happiness and thankfulness is, and who brings it to us. 🙂

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