Exciting Times Ahead

Hey all you lovely people!

I’m so excited to have a new blog design!  Of course I have no clue how to change the header font or add a photo under the “About Me” section.  Leave it to me.  I’m sure the blog design will continue to get better, rest assured.  I’m going to have to educate myself a bit more on the clever design secrets of WordPress.

That being said, if you know how to do either of those two things I mentioned above and want to pass along the info to me, I would appreciate the help.

For all the new visitors that found this blog on livinginyellow.com, here’s a little bit about me and this blog:



Welcome to ModMommyMK!

I’m Mary, a Thirty-Two-Year-Old girlie girl/mom/wife/Thirty-One Consultant (www.mythirtyone.com/mkeevers)

I love my Family, Faith and Friends more than you know, and I feel very thankful each and every day for everything wonderful I have in my life.

On any given day you may find these things in my purse:

The latest Us Weekly (duh!)

Starbucks Gift Cards

My handy Thirty-one Fold and Go Organizer

Target Coupons

Crayons (mommy must)

My iPhone (my life would never be the same w/out it!)

A cute pair of earrings

Hair ties

Bath and Body Works antibacterial gel and lotion

Wet Ones (another mommy must)

Benefit “Yes, They’re Real” Mascara

and Stila lip glosses, among many other random items!

I love a clean house, Starbucks bold coffee and spinach wraps, cake with butter cream icing, cupcakes from GiGi’s, Stella and Dot jewelry, The Today Show, Days of Our Lives, candles from Bath and Body Works, shabby chick decor, clothes, clothes and more clothes, wedges, heels, over sized sunglasses, organized spaces, windows for natural light, Romantic Comedy movies, Friends (the DVD’s of all 10 seasons), monogrammed things, Pottery Barn Kids, Pier One, Mexican food, dry red wine and girls nights!

And, I love that you have checked out my blog!  I hope by continuing to do one of the things I love, to write; you will continue to enjoy. xoxo


Silver Linings (no, not the playbook)

I’m one of those really sappy thankful people.  I know at the end of the day, I have been very blessed.  Sure, everyone has wants and wishes-but pare all of those things away and I can see a perfectly healthy, happy family that I love so very much.  I see jobs, cars in the driveway, a house, warm bedding and clothes, food, electricity and special extras.

Everyday I’m thankful.

Currently my first “fur baby” is not in the best of shape.  She will be 11 in April.  Last month she was diagnosed with vestibular disease, which you can read about  here.  The vet gave me the diagnosis and told me she should come out of it in 4-6 weeks, and that it was possible she could have another episode because of her age.  The vet also said that she has two strikes against her in the “c” department because boxers are tumor factories and she’s older which makes it worse.  The vet told me watch for things like seizures and head pressing (which is just what it sounds like) because those signs could signal a brain tumor.

So I went about my way and as the weeks passed I noticed Stella was acting much better, but that she was losing weight, and her head tilt that goes along with the vestibular was getting worse.  We started watching her eat and sure enough, she’s eating all of her food, but I know she has lose even more weight in the one months time it has been since we saw the vet–then last week I saw her start head pressing.  We are going today for another visit to the vet and a full blood panel work up to see if it gives us any answers.  I have a terrible, terrible gut feeling this is going to end up being the “c” word.  I have been mentally preparing myself for weeks now that this may be the beginning of the end.  It physically hurts to think about it.  It hurts to think about not having my girl laying at my feet every day and following me around the house everywhere I go.

So, in situations like this one, I try so hard to find the silver lining.  Yes, things are sucky in this situation, but I need to focus on what’s GOOD and it will make my outlook so much better in this situation and help me handle whatever news comes our way.  So here it is:  Stella is (and always will be) extremely special to me and I know she’s been devoted to me 100% since I brought her home at 6 weeks old.  She’s been devoted to me even when I haven’t been as devoted to her, when our kiddos came into the world and took (take) lots of our time.  But even though things on the doggie front aren’t the best, our kids are healthy, happy and safe and our family is healthy, happy and safe.  It’s so very important to me to put things into perspective like this.  I will be devastated if I have to make a difficult decision concerning Stella in the next couple months, but I have to focus on the GOOD and the GOOD is that everyone I love is healthy and safe.

So, here’s to hoping we find some answers in this blood work today, hopefully an easy fix so we can have Miss Stella Marie around for a few more years. 🙂


mason week 1-stella



I thought this would be something different and fun to do!  If you have a couple seconds, check some of these out…


Listening To:

+”True Blood”, Justin Timberlake

+Beyoncé’s new album, mainly the songs “Heaven”, “XoXo”, “Drunk in Love” and “Pretty Hurts”

+”Baby Blue”, Dave Matthews

+”5 Steps”, Dru Hill–aka bringin’ the 90’s soul back

Checking Out (the dub-ya, dub-ya, dub-ya):






+Cougar Town (if you’re not watching this, we can’t be friends)

+Chicago Fire (maj man candy in the form of Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney)

+Keeping Up With The Kardashians, though, every time I watch this show I feel the sudden urge to get a spray tan and spend about 5 ga-gillion dollars on eye make-up.  Anyone else?  No?  Just me?  Thought so.

+Toned Up–these girls are major inspirations!


Reading: (I should preface this by saying I work 24-7, am a wife and a mom of two, so this category is pretty much non existent unless I can lock myself in the bathroom for 15-20 minutes to get a few pages read before Brayden figures out how to unlock the door)

+Balancing It All, by one of my fav’s, Candace Cameron Bure


+Skinny Pop cracked black pepper popcorn.  It’s like low fat crack in a bag.  Wait….my version of what I think crack would be like. Ha!


Final Thought:  2 years ago today I started this lil ol blog!  You can (and should) read my first post here .



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