Christmas Cheer

Christmas time gives me warm fuzzies!  I can’t help it, I am a total Christmas junkie!  I think what makes Christmas so great is all the wonderful memories I have of this time of year.  I am so thankful for these memories, and thankful I have such great ones to recall!  It’s my wish that Brayden and Mason will be able to say they have some amazing Christmas memories when they have a few more years under their belts as well.

First, grab the Christmas essentials.  Elf, Home Alone, Home Alone Two, Serendipity, The Holiday, Christmas Vacation, Christmas with the Kranks, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman.  Now, grab a strong cup of Starbucks and enjoy reminiscing with me.

I’m going to set the mood for you a little.  Pretend its the mid 90’s again.  Ahhh, the 90’s. I spent my Christmas breaks spending massive amounts of time with my friends and it was wonderful!  We would watch Friends, bake cookies, see movies, put on hideous face masks and take loads of pictures.  Oh and the amounts of MTV watched was at an all time high.  I recorded taped the  Boyz II Men/Mariah Carey video  “One Sweet Day” probably a ga-gillion times, and had to record (on my cassette tapes of course) the Hot 96 countdown every day, so I could hear the 3T song “Anything” as many times as I wanted.  Clueless also came out on VHS around this time; between that and Friends, TV couldn’t get any better for my friends and I.  You know life is pretty sweet when all you have to think about is what new Bath and Body Works products you need to add to your growing collection and if you could beg your mom to take you to Wet Seal or Parisian for some new elephant pants and platform mary janes.

My freshman year of high school I remember laying on my bed, listening to the Boyz II Men Christmas album on my brand new Sony boom box with a 6 disc CD changer (and it came with a remote, which was so exciting) while talking to my friends on the phone about Christmas parties and mall trips.

I know you must be thinking “what about NOW though, Mary?”  Well now Christmas means something completely different.  Christmas is about wanting and needing less, and soaking up all the family/friends time that our family can get.  We also now have the challenge of making sure the boys know what Christmas is truly about.  So, if you come to our house around this time of year, expect to hear a lot of Mary, Joseph and the Three Wise Men talk.  It’s a regular “what’s the true meaning of Christmas” book kinda thing all up in hurrrrr.

I’ve been very spoiled by Christmas traditions and how my parents always celebrate Christmas with my brother and I (and now with our extended families too).  I realize how blessed I am to have these memories and love starting new traditions with my own family.  As I type this, I’m starting to feel old.  When I think of Clueless or 3T, I think 10 years ago, not almost 20.  Let that soak in for a second ok…..crazy, huh?!  Maybe I should ask for some anti-wrinkle cream for Christmas.  hehe.

Tis the season!  I wish all my friends and family a wonderful and magical Christmas.  Always remember the reason for the season….Happy Birthday, Jesus.

And with that, because you need the full effect of my warm Christmas fuzzies:

christmasblog1 christmasblog2 christmasblog3This cd is currently playing in my car.  THE BEST.   christmasblog6Remember when Bath and Body Works was new in town, at Circle Centre, and you felt so cool to get even a travel size lotion or shower gel?  Long live, Sea Spray, Sun Ripened Raspberry and Freesia! 043-SLIDE044

The amounts of Bath and Body Works items I had was unreal.  It became an actual collection in no time.  I had to cut myself off, things were getting plumeria and juniper breeze crazy!


Ahhh, the Talkboy.  My brother got one of these one year for Christmas.  It broke in about 4 different places and my brother kept using electrical tape on it to keep it going.  RIP Talkboy….you were a true gem.

christmasblog10Remember the department store Hills?  Ya, well, this gem was taken there.  I have no idea how old I was, but I’m certain I was at an age where I was starting to question the man in the red suit, if you know what I mean.

And this post would not be complete without my FAV TV memory from Christmas in the early 90’s.

Ya–you’re welcome

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