Weight Loss Challenge

Hello friends out there in blog world!

Healthy living and weight loss are subjects I hold near and dear to my heart. I’m pretty sure most of you are aware of this. THIS POST from last year still stands and I’ve kept the weight off. This is not the “I’ve fallen off the wagon and even though I told you I would keep it off, I’ve gained it all back and fell into bad habits again.” Follow up post—TRUST ME. This is quite the opposite actually!

Have you ever wanted to be the absolute BEST version of yourself? Have you ever wandered “how much could I lose, how much could I tone, what would I actually look like if I was at my optimal weight and had the best body image?” I think about this daily—probably too much. But, like everyone else embarking on a weight loss/healthy lifestyle journey, my struggle is being consistent and disciplined with portion sizes. I always say if they sold discipline and consistency at the store, I would pay whatever price they wanted. Yes friends, the struggle is real.

So, while in the shower one day (where I do my very best thinking), I thought “why not make my blog followers keep me held accountable? Why not leave anything to the imagination, so that if I screw up…I have to document it, just like I would document a good choice.” This will obviously take a lot of work on my end, because it will require documenting food choices, work out choices and small details like water intake, calorie intake, fun outdoor activities etc. And, everything is a time struggle for me because I work full time and my husband and I have 2 little boys. BUT, I will also be documenting working around that as well…or better yet, including them in healthy activities.

Nothing is more inspiring to me than any kind of drastic transformation, and I love the idea of working in a group to achieve goals, which is where my lovely followers come in. You can cheer me on, or virtually slap me on the hand for going over calories for the day, or for not getting in 8 glasses of water a day. It helps me to know that others are watching me…..paying attention and caring enough to call me out!

My plan is to document weekly on my blog and daily on Instagram and my ModMommyMK facebook page. Even if I do not end up having anyone follow the updates or join me, if I stick with it, I will be able to finally know what the best me looks like and feels like. And if I inspire someone else….well, then my job here is done, because that would mean more than anything! Life is too short to sit back and watch others achieve their dreams and goals. No one is going to make this happen for me, EXCEPT ME.

So, here we go! I would love for you to comment on my updates, IG posts or FB posts. I would also love to hear your suggestions regarding recipes for snacks, dinners and lunches and favorite work outs.

Start Date: Monday, June 29th
End Date: Monday, August 31st

Weekly Updates: http://www.wordpress.modmommymk.com

Daily Updates:
​Instagram: BBMary11

Starting waist: all of my pants and shorts are low cut, so I measure where they hit, which is near the hipbone: 34 inches
Leg/Thigh: 22 inches
Upper Arm: 13 inches
Starting size: a loose fitting 6, some 4’s.
Starting weight (haha, gotcha!)

Let the challenge begin!!!! If anyone would like to join me–please let me know!!!

Summertime Fun

summer pic

Hello everyone!  Happy Wednesday!  Can I just say how unfair it is to get a bout of the stomach bug in SUMMMMMMMMMMMER?!?!  I mean–seriously.  Not fair at all!  So, thanks to whoever passed that gem of a gift along.  Hopefully I’ll be good as new tomorrow!

Anyways, the silver lining to that nasty-ness is:  losing almost 6 pounds and being able to watch The Today Show for the past 3 days.  I love The Today Show so much!  I think it’s doubly special to me because it reminds me of when I was on maternity leave with both boys (they were both born in July) and I would plop myself on the couch during nap times and watch The Today Show while I finally was able to eat something.

What’s everyone looking forward to during summer break?  Is anyone doing something fun and out of the ordinary?

I personally cannot wait to get myself and the boys in a pool!  Every year, I tell my parents they need to put in a pool and every year they tell me they want to.  I’m still holding out hope that one day it will happen.  If we personally knew someone with a pool, we would never want to leave.  Isn’t that what summer is all about?  Pools and sunshine?  I think so!

I also hope to continue walking with my friends in the evenings on our trail system that ROCKS.  Along said trails?  A diner, a pancake house and a DQ.  I’m not saying we will stop and check them out or anything, but I will say I wouldn’t feel as bad about the calorie intake with the walk.  I also need to get a bike.  It’s so weird I don’t have a big girl bike, I know.  The only one I have is one I got when I was 12 and it’s in my parents garage.  I need to make a note of this and ask for one for Christmas or something.

Outside home projects are always something we tackle in the spring/summer.  Last year we built a deck, this year we are putting a rod iron railing up and adding a few finishing touches.  We (when I say we, I mean Brock) are also in the process of painting our privacy fence to match the house and we also started on landscaping this summer.  Inside, we have been putting more shelves in bedroom closets and coming up with plans to build some built in closets in the boys’ play room.  Home projects are so exciting to me because I’m a person who loves to see progress. It makes me mucho happy!

I’m sad that this year we are skipping a beach trip, but we are planning to go a few places for little getaways with my family.  Next year…Disney World or bust, with a trip to the beach included. 🙂

If nothing else, here are my hopes for this summer:  that I can slow down enough to have friends over for a cookout–even if the house isn’t spotless, that I can enjoy nights outside with the kiddos, that I can try new restaurants and go on a few dates with my hubby.  A few trips to the farmers market would be icing on the cake.


What are your summer plans?


Currently–Springtastic, but almost Summer version

+Listening to: The Furious 7 soundtrack. I seriously can’t stop. Also on the playlist…some old school Fugees and SWV and the new Britney Spears/Iggy summer smash “Pretty Girls”. Yes, that’s me with my windows down (AC on to give me the wind blown hair vibe as well), aviators on, and hair down singing at the top of my lungs. Not. Even. Sorry. I’m still mad my new car doesn’t have a sunroof—I feel like I’m missing a key element of my car concert without it.


Britney Spears “Pretty Girls” video

+Eating: More like currently OVER eating. Story of my life. Something I always struggle with. Am I overweight…nope. Average—ugh, yes. If only I could find the discipline to really find the best body I know I have inside me! Being so short doesn’t help matters.  Oh wait, did that just get too real?  Oops.

+Drinking: So, I’m digging Sam Adams Rebel IPA currently. My dad actually was looking for something different and brought some home for my hubs and I to try. Winner! Of course my tried and true Stella is still a fav and diet and Bacardi wins in the mixed drink category.

On a healthy note….I’m drinking Shakeology on most days at lunch time. This helps with 2 things….sugar cravings and I don’t have to spend 9.00 on a salad from Chick Fil A for lunch anymore. I really like it and it does NOT taste like a protein shake. It is really, really good!  I am ready to change up the recipes though, so if you have any awesome ideas for the chocolate, let me know!

Buying: I have a slight obsession with a local boutique called Dottie Couture right now. www.dottiecouture.com. Sandals that are $30, necklaces that are $12, shirts that are $30? The icing on the cake is that they are amazingly cute….all things that are my jam. I’m a big fan of boutiques right now! I also have recently gone into a new boutique called Tiffany’s and picked out more than a few finds I need to go back and get.

Loving: The sunshine! Need I say more? The smell of grass, the fact that our neighborhood pool is open…which reminds me that I need to watch my annual showing of The Sandlot.  (Pool + Summer with friends + Baseball + The Beast + YaYa= The Sandlot)  Are you picking up what I’m throwing down?  Cool.


Looking forward to: A summer spent outside. Well, until the bugs come out in the evening haha; so its a good thing I have THIS awesome recipe for non toxic bug spray for the kids. A trip to Chicago and a trip to the Newport Aquarium are also on the summer agenda.

Proud of: Brayden, for all his accomplishments this year in kindergarten. Do you ever have moments when time finally slows down enough, even for a few minutes, that you just get to admire your kids and how wonderful they are? Brayden makes my heart explode when I think about how wonderful he is. He’s smart, talented, well mannered (most of the time) and genuinely cares about his family and friends. He won an award near the end of the school year recently that he had wanted all year. 8 kids out of the 29 in his class got this award for the entire year. I was so excited for him and he was so excited! After the award ceremony, we had to go shopping of course…..4 toys later we left haha.

b award

What’s goin’ on in your world these days?

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