Spring Fling

I love springtime!  I love the bright pastels, the growing flowers, trees flowering, grass growing…. I’m going to save you all from reading the other 200 reasons I love spring though and just get to the good stuff!

My mood literally does a complete 360 when spring decides to come into my life.  I really shouldn’t live in Indiana, where we have 4 distinct seasons.  Or, in the case of this year, winter, winter, a mild summer and more winter.  I should be the girl who lives in Florida (South Florida preferably) or somewhere in Cali like LA, San Fran or San Diego, when it’s a national disaster if it rains.   And just as a side note–Brock, if you are reading this, you should know that if you bring me tulips, even the ones that are on the 5.99 special at Kroger, I will instantly love you even more.

Anyways, I wanted to write a post about all things spring; i.e. fun Easter décor (one of my most favorite holidays…hands down), a few fashion finds and even recipes.  I love all of these things and how they bring a little spring into the Keevers life.

Let’s start with the fun of St Patrick’s Day.  Technically it falls 3 days BEFORE spring, but lets be honest, I took some cute pictures of our boys and I just wanted an outlet to show them off.   St. Patrick’s Day brings all kinds of fun “mystery” and “wonder” to our home because Brayden gets to learn about fun little magical leprechaun tales and stories about a pot of gold at the end of each rainbow.  It’s fun for me to listen to because I remember hearing all of these stories in elementary school and was always so excited to think about the little green dudes and the pot of gold associated with this holiday.

I also wanted to get a little creative this year to keep the fun going for Brayden, so I looked up simple food ideas on Pinterest and tried them out.  We made mini English muffin pizzas with “shamrocks” (sliced green bell peppers).  I went to Kroger in search of the perfect green bell pepper for this.  I thought I had one, but when I actually sliced it to put on the pizza’s it looked a little weak-sauce, but oh well.  It’s the thought that counts.

St Patricks Day 2014 collage

Right after St. Patrick’s Day, I decided it was time to decorate for Easter.  I mean, obviously, right?

Check out some of these ultra cute decorations I have found!

easter collage

Tree and carrot ornaments: Hobby Lobby/Wreath: Kirklands/Easter Tweetings Chick: Pier One

Can’t wait for Easter!

Recipes that are Spring-Like:

Crock Pot Chicken Fajitas:

3 chicken breasts

1 packet fajita seasoning

1 can black beans (I just organic)

1 can rotel mild, or small jar of salsa

1 container of fajita veggies (frozen or pre-packaged) or you can also chop up 1.5 green and red bell peppers each and 1 small white onion

Let cook on high for 4-5 hours until chicken falls apart.

crockpot fajitas

PB2 Banana Smoothie:  This little concoction comes from a good friend of mine and I sure am glad she passed the recipe on!

Put all of these items into a blender:

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk (I use Blue Diamond)

1/2 FROZEN banana–make sure it’s frozen!

2 Tablespoons PB2

1 FROZEN container Banana Crème Pie Carbmaster Yogurt from Kroger (or similar) You will have to pop the frozen yogurt container in the micro for 20 seconds AFTER you take the foil top off to loosen it up so it falls out of the container.

Blend…add fat free ready whip if you would like.  SO GOOD.


Grilled Chicken with Pineapple:

Marinate chicken breasts with teriyaki sauce (its even better with a bit of maraschino cherry juice) for an hour

Grill up the chicken and pineapple slices

Put the pineapple on top of the grilled chicken with a dab of cherry juice.

PS–not my picture, but looks identical to what ours look like 🙂

chicken pineapple


Spring Fashion Finds:

Essie Nail Polish in Candy Apple Mint.  I’m obsessed.  Uber obsessed.

essie polish

This handbag:

Note: I searched for days online, in stores and in magazines for the perfect white bag for spring.  Since it’s seasonal, I knew I wasn’t going to get an “investment” bag, so I wanted to spend $100 or less on this.  Kohl’s actually came through and had this!  It was $69.00, on sale for $50.00 and with a couple good weekend early bird sales and Kohl’s cash, it instantly was $20.00!  I was completely happy all around with that!

blog purse full length

Next up on the spring fashion wish list:

Peach lip gloss, new self tanner and some super cute shorts and wedges.


Happy Spring Time!!!








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