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Hello lovelies!

I’m coming to you today from my semi-completed office.  I say semi complete because I probably should put up some kind of curtain or blind so the creepy peeps don’t slooooowly drive by the window anymore when I’m on the treadmill at night.  I literally hate curtains so much (I recently took down the ones in my living room and have been on a search for something that’s decently tolerable…and by that, I mean a valance of some kind that’s coastal without being floral)

hello sprigRE

Anyways, happy spring everyone!  It doesn’t really FEEL like spring in Indiana, but whatevs…at least I know we are over the hump that is stupid winter.  I wanted to share some of my everyday faves with you all!  I’m going to blow right past the fact that I haven’t posted since last June and just try to immediately do better.  I think the reason I suck at keeping up with this is because I want to keep this blog really pretty and let’s face it…to keep it really pretty you need to hire someone that knows what they are doing, to make your blog designs and pages.  Oh and I don’t have a DSLR camera, so that’s also an issue.  But, for now, I’ll work with what I have….


So lately I’ve been using and loving these AWESOME products!!!  These are products I use 3-5 times a week, and some I use every single day.  I wouldn’t steer you wrong…these products give RESULTS you can actually SEE!

Product 1:  Thieves oil by Young Living


I use Thieves every night with some coconut oil on both our boys’ feet.  Supposedly it helps boost immunity and fights off the germs.  With my OCD, Thieves just kind of brings a calm feeling to me, knowing I’m helping to boost my kids’ immunity and ward off any of the bad germs they probably pick up at the petri dish we call school.  Young Living actually carries an entire line of Thieves products now, because of the popularity of this magical oil.  I also use the Thieves spray as well at my office.  Bonus: it smells like cinnamon and everyone compliments the smell of my office.  Where to get it: if you are interested, please email me HERE and I can get you a discount!

Product 2: Urban Decay’s Shadow Box

UD Eyeshadows

I’m so weird about eye shadow!  I love certain brands, and Urban Decay is certainly one of them.  I love this box because it’s not huge and the colors are so fun!  My favorite colors to wear are Baked Cowboy and Smog and I love highlighting with Bordello.  Where to get: Sephora or Ulta.

Product 3: Rodan and Fields Lash Boost

lashboost peach2RE

You know how there are all these products that “claim” to do certain things and never do?  Or, my personal least favorite saying ever “could promote” or “studies show this product COULD”….you get the idea.  So anytime I try something that makes claims to move mountains, I’m a skeptic.  Enter Lash Boost by Rodan and Fields.  Game changer.

I’m not kidding when I say I saw actual results in 5 days.  Typically, they say you will see a big result after the first 4 weeks, then a bigger result at 8 weeks and the max result at 16 weeks.  This magic clear serum that you put on your lash line at bedtime must be laced with Miracle Grow.  I cannot stress it enough…if you ever want to use a product that actually produces REAL RESULTS, go get you some Lash Boost.  Don’t spend the money on lash extensions or continue buying the false lashes to glue in….get Lash Boost.  Where to get it: Product Link or send me an email HERE and I’ll give you my discount!!

Bonus: each tube is a 60 day supply, but my tubes last about 90 days because after the first 4 weeks, I use it every other day. 🙂


Product 4&5: Rodan and Fields Sunless Tanner + Microdermabraison Paste

sunscreen and micro paste2RE

You guys….I’ve tried a loooooooooooot of self tanners.  I’ve tried the cheapest and the most expensive, the organic and the not so organic and just about everything in between.  I fell in love with Rodan and Fields Sunless Tanner ….and as if I didn’t think anything could make it work even better, I started using it with the Rodan and Fields Microdermabraison paste.  They are like the best dynamic duo ever.  The micro paste makes skin so freaking soft, I can’t even explain it!  It seems like in the winter time, everyone is so covered up and I never think to use sunless tanner.  But, now that spring is here, I have been using it 3 times a week and I love it so much!  No streaks, no patches, no “orange” look.  Silky smooth color that melts right into your skin seamlessly.  1 bottle will last you several months and there is even a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee on all the products sold by Rodan and Fields.  (Applause, ladies!)  Where to buy: Email me HERE and I’ll give you my discount!

Product 6: Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation

makeup forever

I haven’t ever been a huge foundation wearing kind of girl….and looking back on pictures now, maybe I should have worn it more, but to me, it always felt heavy and gross and most of them that I had used would break me out.  Granted, that was in high school and I went to the Clinique counter and the lady swore she was giving me the oil free foundation.  I’m sure it was a fantastic product for some, but I hated it.  About 2 years ago I started hunting for a foundation that would feel so lightweight that I didn’t even realize I had anything on, plus even out my skin tone.  I found it with Make Up Forever’s HD foundation.  I love it.  It’s sheer, but covers evenly and I only use a dime size portion.  If you go to Sephora, they have a tool now that will help match your skin to the perfect shade of foundation (that’s winning people).  Oh, and this is kind of pricey for makeup, it will run you about $48 for a bottle, BUT know that it will last a long time since you have to use so little product.  Where to buy: Sephora


Alright, so there you have it!  Those are my current tried and true favorites!  Please feel free to comment on this post with some of your favorites!!

Happy Spring!!!





Getting Real with Everyone Today…

Getting real today because it’s been weighing on my heart lately and what type of lifestyle blog would this be if occasionally (ok, like 5% of the time) I didn’t talk about something that wasn’t sunshine and rainbow like.  
I’ve debated for almost a year to post about this struggle with OCD. Questions have gone through my mind, like “what will people think?” more specifically, “will people think I’m a wimp?” “Will people think I’m complaining about something ridiculous?” While it’s not ridiculous to me, I assure you that I know plenty of people who don’t believe anxiety can be a “thing”.

So, let me catch you up on my battle with anxiety. 4th grade: I started freaking out that I hadn’t turned in my homework to the homework tray on my teacher’s desk. Every night I would look through my folder to make sure I had everything and I would go over in my head my daily steps to make sure I turned my homework in. I would also sometimes end up at my dad’s bedside in the wee hours of the morning so he could talk me through it and it was then that he taught me a prayer to say, that I still repeat to this day. This anxiety over turning in papers and homework lasted until I graduated college. I never missed a homework assignment, never missed a test, never got a detention and only got in trouble 2 times in my whole academic life and both of those times the teacher ended up apologizing because it ended up not being my fault.  

My freshman year of college, I started getting mild panic attacks. Of course, I didn’t really know what they were at the time; I just knew it had something to do with my anxiety. My sophomore year of college I started taking anxiety meds….a very small dose and they made me feel like a walking zombie.  

After some trial and error, my dr found one that seemed to keep the panic attacks at bay. I took this medicine up until Brock and I decided to start trying for kids in 2007. My OB at the time suggested that I take another medicine that was proven to be a lot safer to take while pregnant and she suggested that I take it until we were done having kids so I didn’t have to stop taking it, get back on the other med, and then switch again. Up until this point, there were only 2 instances where I had panic attacks/OCD over something and it was because I was extremely stressed out, and I remember having a 2 month period where I would check emails 2 or 3 times instead of once, but I never thought anything of it.

I guess I should let you all know this one family fact, so it makes a little more sense, but my grandpa on my mom’s side has OCD extremely bad. I remember countless times when I needed to use the restroom insanely bad and he would be in there just washing his hands…sometimes for a full hour. When he and my sweet grandma came to my parents house to visit when I was younger, my brother and I dreaded it because we had to share our bathroom with him and we knew if we had friends over, our friends would ask why our grandpa was in the bathroom for hours at a time, washing his hands and going through an entire jumbo bottle of Palmolive dish soap in 4 days. He would also never touch anything without at least 5 paper towels in his hand. Now, I know it’s normal in a public restroom to want to open the door (after you’re done and have washed your hands) with a paper towel because ….its a public restroom, but my grandpa was doing this AT HOME. His own home probably felt like a prison to him. He would open pill bottles with paper towels which usually resulted in them spilling on the floor, and then he would have to call the dr and get a new RX because he wouldn’t use the ones on the floor. These are just a few things I noticed. My mom has more detail about things he used to do before he would eat and a few other things that would do on a daily basis.  

Fast forward to the day we brought Brayden home from the hospital. I was waiting outside on Brock to get the car and a nurse was waiting with me. I was telling her I was over the moon happy that Brayden and his cousin were only 8 months apart and would grow up together and that I couldn’t wait to get them together that next week and get pictures of their cuteness. The nurse looked at me and said “you probably should wait until he has his shots to have him around other kids, kids are germ factories and you don’t want your son catching anything before he’s 8 weeks old.” I hadn’t even thought about that. Not once. I had like 30 visitors at the hospital and I was overjoyed to see everyone. So, that immediately started working every wheel in my brain. Most people would have taken the advice with a grain of salt…it was July for crying out loud. 

So, I decided to keep him away from other kiddos until he was 8 weeks and had his shots. I wanted to take the nurses advice because it must have been important if she told me. We took him out in public though, just not to play with other kiddos. Other than that, I was a normal first time, over protective, “you have to use hand sanitizer before you hold him” mom. I feel like a ton of moms are like that though, so again….I didn’t think anything else of it.

When I was pregnant with Mason, I used to tell my mom that I was a pro and I wouldn’t be AS concerned about certain things as much as I was with Brayden. I knew more of what to expect, after all. I was completely confident saying those things. In my head, nothing could be more perfect than seeing Brayden be the best big brother ever to his little brother. I had all these perfect images in my head as to what it would look like and I couldn’t wait to see it! Little did I know this was going to be game changer in how I handled things.

I had a scheduled c-section with Mason. That same weekend, things were extra busy because my sister in law got married and we were all supposed to be in the wedding…obviously I couldn’t be, but Brock and Brayden still were. We tried to multi task as well as we could. The boys went to the rehearsal dinner after spending the day at the hospital with me (Mason was born at 8am that Friday morning of the rehearsal dinner). My parents were there with me when my other boys couldn’t be. The next morning my boys were back and stayed with me until they had to be at the church for the wedding, and after the reception, they were back. It was crazy, but everyone managed to fit everything in amidst adding a new member to the family.  

When we got home, things were blissful and perfect for all of 7 days. On Mason’s 1 week checkup day, Brayden came downstairs with a horrible cough and had a fever (again, this was July!). We kept them separate on the way to the ped and asked the pediatrician what was going on with Brayden when we there for Mason’s check up. Our pediatrician told it was a nasty virus and told me what I already knew….what I dreaded to hear….what I knew my nerves couldn’t handle hearing. That it was imperative that Mason NOT get a fever of over 100.4 before he was 8 weeks old, otherwise they would have to admit him to the hospital and give him a spinal tap and run a slew of tests on him, even if it was just an ear infection. I panicked. I knew this was true because it happened to my niece and it was so scary for everyone involved. Not to mention, the last thing you want is another hospital bill on top of your larger than life delivery bills. So the pediatrician gave me 2 choices: Brayden could stay upstairs at our house until he was 24 hours free of his fever, or he could stay with my parents for a few days until he was fever free. Of course I chose for him to stay with my parents. I didn’t want to keep him banished away to the second floor of our house, a floor I couldn’t even get to because I wasn’t allowed to climb stairs at that point. I wanted him to try and be calm and happy to spend some time with some of his favorite people and I knew my parents would try and make it special for him. Keep in mind, I had NEVER been away from Brayden —NOT ONE NIGHT, EVER. 

The anxiety started immediately….not only was I losing Brayden for several days, but I was losing my only help, my mom, and I had this huge stomach wound I was supposed to be taking care of, and oh yea, a newborn who wasn’t fond of sleep. Brock had to go back to work right after we had Mason, so ya… was just me, the newborn and a recovery from a big surgery. I cried every night that Brayden was away from me. I called him every day, several times a day and after he hung up, I cried some more. The baby hormones exiting my body made my emotions 10 times worse, which obviously didn’t help matters.

Then I couldn’t stop thinking about how everything needed to be disinfected, but yet, I couldn’t go upstairs much at all and I knew I couldn’t clean like normal because of my incision. I was bound and determined to keep Mason healthy and out of the hospital, but at the same time I felt terrible for feeling like I needed to disinfect so much because Brayden couldn’t help that he got sick. The guilt around the entire situation in general was A LOT to handle. During that rough week without Brayden, I knew something wasn’t normal….why did I feel this strong need to disinfect everything…..why did I feel this way stronger than I had during my maternity leave with Brayden, besides the fact that I now had 2 kiddos to keep healthy. 

 I had a conversation with my dad one evening and he mentioned OCD and reminded me of how bad my grandpa had it. I did a Google search that night and found out there are many different types of OCD. There are the usual suspects like over-checking and organizing (right angles etc), but there is also one that is called “contamination OCD”, where people are extremely afraid they are going to bring a sickness back to someone, or they fear getting sick because more people could get it, world diseases scare them easily, and basically germs in general are enemy #1. After reading description after description about this, I knew this was something that was a possibility. Especially after seeing my grandpa react to it all these years, I knew the signs.  

So, I thought I would just deal with it, because after all, the internet must have suggestions on how to deal with it and there were loads of books on it. After only getting worse after about 15 months or so of trying to manage it on my own, and trying with no luck to get into a new family doctor that was more along the lines of a naturalist and tested hormone levels, I finally called one day and begged my OB to see me. I needed to see someone and I thought maybe she could test my hormones and we could start there. Part of anxiety related problems are caused by hormonal imbalance, so I wanted to rule that out first since there was an excellent chance my progesterone was too low, thus causing my anxiety to get worse.

 When my OB and I met, she said the OCD was most likely due to my low progesterone that I had before I was even pregnant with Mason, and she put me on a progesterone only BC pill. I was hesitant because I hate taking anything like that because I’ve only had terrible experiences with BC. Next, she changed my anxiety medicine back to what I was taking before we thought about having Brayden, 6 years prior. She told me she was hopeful the BC would increase progesterone and that eventually I could stop taking the anxiety medicine period. With an optimistic pep in my step, I walked out of the office and couldn’t wait to try this. 

After about 3 months, I didn’t notice any difference. So I called another general practitioner’s office, this time a DO, to see if she had anything to offer. After my appt, I decided she was just OK, but I went ahead and switched from the GP I had currently been going to, to this new DO doctor. She suggested the same; high progesterone BC, my original anxiety medicine and possibly seeing a therapist to learn cognitive behavioral therapy for the OCD.  

Therapy? What? I had never been to therapy…….I wasn’t planning on ever having to need a therapist. At the same time, I wouldn’t ever discredit someone for going to a therapist because I don’t see a problem with them at all and if they can help someone overcome an issue, then I’m all for it. I went home and hit up my friend Google again and tried to learn about this cognitive behavioral therapy. I’m not going to lie, it scared me. It STILL scares me. Basically, in a nutshell, it’s putting yourself in the situation you generally run from or are most afraid of. The concept is that after doing this, or “exposing” yourself to this situation enough, you won’t have the problem anymore. To someone like me, someone who is scared to bring home germs to the kids, someone who tries to avoid any type of stomach bug like the plague, someone who never wants it to be her fault for passing germs on, it’s super scary.  

I still feel like some of this is hormones, but I can’t find the right type of doctor in the Indy that is accepting new patients to test me. My OB didn’t want to do another panel since the one in late 2012, and she didn’t want to put me on any type of higher dose of progesterone than the BC pill, because when you start getting into hormone replacement, it can be extremely scary. If I ever decided to try hormone replacement therapy, I would want to see a naturalist and not take the synthetic hormones most OB’s prescribe.  

So, what exactly is a day like for someone who has OCD (in my doctor’s words, a “mild case” of OCD)? Well, let me give you some examples of what happens: Go to work, accidentally overhear someone say their kids had been sick all weekend with the stomach bug…..immediately a red flag in my head. Avoidance kicks in (unless I have to work directly with them obviously), and I go to great lengths to use different doors, restrooms, the stairs instead of the elevator etc. Then my anxiety minimizes a bit. Go to lunch, see the people preparing food not wearing gloves or have hands with band aids all over them….another red flag, and I start thinking about just how hungry I really am and if I actually need food. Most of the time, I make myself take the food because honestly I do not have time to prepare a ton of lunches ahead of time at home. Again, the anxiety minimizes. Go home, Brock says he worked with a bunch of sick co-workers….another red flag…immediately I put his clothes from work into the washer and wash them twice, then wash my hands because “just in case”.  

However, as crazy as all the above sounds….I’m super social and I don’t let it keep me away or keep me home, because I LOVE being out too much and I honestly enjoy going new places and trying new things.  

Things that don’t bother me: my kids being sick….I mean, the stomach stuff I pray Brock is home for, but usually I’m on nurse duty for most everything else, other kids with colds, ear infections etc…..that doesn’t ever bother me, friends of mine with colds, strep, sinus infection etc…doesn’t bother me. Basically the only “common” thing I freak out about is stomach sickness. Other than that, when I see cuts on strangers preparing my food….it freaks me out as well as any situation you hear about involving a local (when I say local, I mean about a 15 mile radius) school having a “breakout” of something like TB or Measles…anything along those lines…that freaks me out. I think the latter would freak anyone out though.

Understand that I don’t want to think about this crap. It frustrates me BEYOND what you could possibly imagine. It’s something I feel like I “have” to do, to prevent something from happening, or protect someone. That’s one of the foundational pieces of any type of anxiety and OCD; the need to feel prepared for any situation and feel like you can be preventative in order to protect those around you and yourself. Also an OCD trait? Needing reassurance. “It will be ok”, “it’s no big deal”, “yes, that’s fine”. I don’t struggle with this aspect around people I know and feel comfortable with, but while I’m figuring someone new out, reassurance may be something that comes into play.  

Here’s the silver lining: it could be worse. Much, much worse. I could be like my grandpa and isolate myself more, and spend an hour washing my hands several times a day. It scared me even thinking about that becoming my life, so I decided to give the therapy a shot. I figured it couldn’t hurt and I was praying it would help, because like I have mentioned before, you have no idea how frustrated OCD makes me feel 24-7. I hate it. I want it to leave and never come back.

I’ve been seeing a therapist for about a month now. I’m pretty impatient, so I have to tell myself daily this will take time to fix, several months, maybe even a year. I have to reverse the way I think about situations that normally would scare me. I am just now learning how to slowly ease myself into a scary situation and make myself deal with it and not run the other way. My therapist says that it’s such a vicious cycle; first the anxiety builds and builds (for example, someone being sick) then it reaches a breaking point at the highest level of anxiety (thinking about how I’m going to “protect” myself or my kids from the sickness) then the IDEA for treatment is to power through and “expose” yourself to the danger/scary situation, then the anxiety diffuses and it will pass. After so many times of doing this and “exposing” myself to the situation, the fear goes away. It’s a big, intimidating, scary process for me to even think about, but a person has to start somewhere, right? One step at a time is how I hope to conquer this, since it interferes so much with my day to day life.

I simply decided to write a post on this because right now it’s a struggle that I’m working to correct. As crazy as it sounds, OCD is the same reason I cannot keep following a healthy diet to lose weight. Every time I get to a certain point, I self sabotage myself. Though it’s not an OCD trait, it’s the same concept. Frustration, trying to not sabotage myself, then only having it happen more and a vicious cycle of being determined to lose weight, losing 4 or 5 pounds, then BOOM—hitting a wall of frustration and self sabotage. It honestly feels like I have a wall in my brain that stops me from being the best I can be. My therapist says we are going to touch on this topic as well because it does have a lot to do with trying to conquer situations in my life, like I need to conquer the OCD.

I know this has been an extremely long post and maybe not explained as detailed as it could have been. However, it’s something I’m working on and something I need to “win.” I don’t want sympathy, I just want understanding. And, if anyone else struggles with anxiety, just know you can talk with me, because I get it. We can’t always choose what traits we have, but we can fight them.

Things I Love Tuesday!

I’m laughing at the title of this post.  I’m so original, I know.

Here are a few things I’m loving/obsessing over/liking/needing lately:

Honest Shampoo/Body Wash:

This isn’t anything new per se, because we have used this for a while, but the way we are using it is new!  We used to use it as a body wash only, but now we (all four of us!) use it as a shampoo, body wash and face wash!  Can you imagine going on vacation and taking 1 bottle of this and that’s IT!?  We only took one bottle on a mini vaca to Cincinnati and it was amazing only having one item to pack that was for all of us!


LipStickHeelsAndABaby Blog

So the creator behind this amazing blog is Jessica Fay and I think I want to be her.  Her blog is all about fashion, makeup and hair for mommies and mommies to be and also includes tons of product and retailer reviews!  She’s teaching me how to perfect the stack of bangles on my wrist every day, and how to become a master at creating a wicked cat eye.  I can only imagine what her closet looks like…..



Tiffany’s Boutique

I went to school with Tiffany and she recently opened her boutique this past winter.  Super cute, trendy, classic styles and amazing prices.  She also carries jewelry and other cute accessories!  I recently was in and bought two super cute shirts and the floral baseball tee I bought may just be one of my favorites right now!  Find her on Instagram at Tiffanys_boutique_avon and Facebook at Tiffany’s Boutique.

floral baseball tee

Anastasia Beverly Hills Contouring Kit

I’m such a newbie at contouring, but I pretty much fell in love with it at first cheekbone swipe.  I know there are several ways to contour, and a powder contour is only 1 way, but wow….I love what I have seen so far.  To finish off the look, I add a little MAC blush high up on my cheekbones and put a few different shades from the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette on my eyelids.  I’m pumped to learn more about this!



Young Living Thieves Oil, Dew Drop Diffuser and KidScents Mighty Vites

It’s no secret to those who know me best that I have a problem with germs.  You have kids, you say?  How can you be scared of germs when you have kids?  Well, I don’t know.  I never was afraid of them until I had kids.  Who knows.  Anyways, Young Living to the rescue because it’s back to school time!  I’m purchasing a second diffuser called a Dew Drop diffuser to keep on the second level of our house.  One of the boys can’t sleep….throw some lavender into the diffuser, one of them gets a cold, throw in thieves oil (I joke that I would bathe in thieves oil during flu season and I’m only partially kidding), one of them needs motivation to clean their play room, throw in some peppermint or lemon.  I’m also buying the KidScents Mighty Vites vitamins for our 7 year old.  I dig natural.  These are natural.  In turn, I dig them.  I have taken a few of the vitamins and supplements from Young Living myself and I really like the quality!




If you are a newbie to natural, 100% pure essential oils, and have never heard of Thieves oil, go here!  (If you are interested in trying this, please contact me at

PS…In my opinion, EVERY parent needs a bottle of thieves during cold and flu season….teachers too! You will thank me later!

+Please remember, I’m not a doctor and cannot treat or diagnose any ailments. The opinions I have on Young Living are my own.

What are some of your favorites as of late?


Currently–Springtastic, but almost Summer version

+Listening to: The Furious 7 soundtrack. I seriously can’t stop. Also on the playlist…some old school Fugees and SWV and the new Britney Spears/Iggy summer smash “Pretty Girls”. Yes, that’s me with my windows down (AC on to give me the wind blown hair vibe as well), aviators on, and hair down singing at the top of my lungs. Not. Even. Sorry. I’m still mad my new car doesn’t have a sunroof—I feel like I’m missing a key element of my car concert without it.


Britney Spears “Pretty Girls” video

+Eating: More like currently OVER eating. Story of my life. Something I always struggle with. Am I overweight…nope. Average—ugh, yes. If only I could find the discipline to really find the best body I know I have inside me! Being so short doesn’t help matters.  Oh wait, did that just get too real?  Oops.

+Drinking: So, I’m digging Sam Adams Rebel IPA currently. My dad actually was looking for something different and brought some home for my hubs and I to try. Winner! Of course my tried and true Stella is still a fav and diet and Bacardi wins in the mixed drink category.

On a healthy note….I’m drinking Shakeology on most days at lunch time. This helps with 2 things….sugar cravings and I don’t have to spend 9.00 on a salad from Chick Fil A for lunch anymore. I really like it and it does NOT taste like a protein shake. It is really, really good!  I am ready to change up the recipes though, so if you have any awesome ideas for the chocolate, let me know!

Buying: I have a slight obsession with a local boutique called Dottie Couture right now. Sandals that are $30, necklaces that are $12, shirts that are $30? The icing on the cake is that they are amazingly cute….all things that are my jam. I’m a big fan of boutiques right now! I also have recently gone into a new boutique called Tiffany’s and picked out more than a few finds I need to go back and get.

Loving: The sunshine! Need I say more? The smell of grass, the fact that our neighborhood pool is open…which reminds me that I need to watch my annual showing of The Sandlot.  (Pool + Summer with friends + Baseball + The Beast + YaYa= The Sandlot)  Are you picking up what I’m throwing down?  Cool.


Looking forward to: A summer spent outside. Well, until the bugs come out in the evening haha; so its a good thing I have THIS awesome recipe for non toxic bug spray for the kids. A trip to Chicago and a trip to the Newport Aquarium are also on the summer agenda.

Proud of: Brayden, for all his accomplishments this year in kindergarten. Do you ever have moments when time finally slows down enough, even for a few minutes, that you just get to admire your kids and how wonderful they are? Brayden makes my heart explode when I think about how wonderful he is. He’s smart, talented, well mannered (most of the time) and genuinely cares about his family and friends. He won an award near the end of the school year recently that he had wanted all year. 8 kids out of the 29 in his class got this award for the entire year. I was so excited for him and he was so excited! After the award ceremony, we had to go shopping of course…..4 toys later we left haha.

b award

What’s goin’ on in your world these days?


currently nov 2014

When your brain can’t think of anything clever to write about, you can always whip out the ol’ trusty “currently” post, as seen below.

+Listening To:  Taylor Swift–1989 #cantstopwontstop #sorrynotsorry #noreally

+Eating:  Taco Bell chicken protein power bowl with no rice.  Get.In.My.Belly!

+Enjoying:  My Young Living Essential Oils.  They really have helped with things like cuts, scrapes, KIDDO SLEEP, snoring and even stress.  Diffusing thieves oil makes our house smell great too.  Winner Winner!

+Working On:  our Thanksgiving menu.  We’re hosting this year.

+Buying:  The question should be what am I not buying?  Christmas shopping has consumed me.

+Cooking:  For real, normally this wouldn’t even be something I would write about.  For a while now, I’ve been a devoted fan of  It’s become my go-to when I have a few spare minutes to make dinner.  My favorite dinner recipe is the deep dish cheeseburger pie.  Sweet mother its good!

+Wishing:  The weather was nicer.  In typical Indiana fashion, it cannot make its mind up.  3 days ago it was 65 degrees, now it’s 34 degrees.  Whatevs. Indiana—Whatevs.

+Excited For:  Short term22 Jump Street comes out next Tuesday (Holla!) Long term–Watching everyone open Christmas presents, ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas shows and my mom’s famous Christmas sugar cookies.

+LovingAKA—telling you that you NEED this:  My Thirty One Medium Utility Tote.  This month ONLY they are $7!  Seven dollars, 7 doll-hairs, 7 smack-a-roonies.  Check them out here!

+Setting Goals For: Myself to re-start my Yogalosophy DVD again.  It will be a fight.  Ugh.  In case you were wondering though, it does work!  You can find more detail about Yogalosophy here.

Inspired, Natural and Creative

Inspiration is Natural.


Mommy in the modern world!


Journey to Better Health and Living

Project Light to Life

A bucket list blog: exploring happiness, growth, and the world.

Happily Oiled After

Journey into healthier living and essential oils

mandy odle

stories from a mommy + makeup artist

Little Miss Momma

Mommy in the modern world!

Eat Yourself Skinny

Mommy in the modern world!


Mommy in the modern world!

a is for abs

Mommy in the modern world!

Inspired, Natural and Creative

Inspiration is Natural.


Mommy in the modern world!


Journey to Better Health and Living

Project Light to Life

A bucket list blog: exploring happiness, growth, and the world.

Happily Oiled After

Journey into healthier living and essential oils

mandy odle

stories from a mommy + makeup artist

Little Miss Momma

Mommy in the modern world!

Eat Yourself Skinny

Mommy in the modern world!


Mommy in the modern world!

a is for abs

Mommy in the modern world!

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