Our Family Has Been a Lil’ Busy….

Well, I see that my last blog post was on April 3rd.  Score.

We have been a wee bit busy on the home front!  Speaking of home…

We finally moved!  Our new, beautiful home was completed near the end of May, so of course, we moved in over Memorial Day weekend (because no one is busy on that weekend, right?! ha!).

Literally, it took me just 3 days alone to unpack the kitchen and over half of that I put in the yard sale.  We were (and still have been) unpacking boxes we had not seen since January 2010, when our old house first went on the market.  I pulled photos out of Brayden when he was 15 months old, that we had taken down and packed away.  Goodness!  This means our new home process (selling the old one, moving in with my parents, looking for a new one, deciding to build and moving in) was a 2 and a half year process.  Wow!  And people wonder why Brayden doesn’t have a sibling yet! 🙂

But alas, we are IN our new home and look forward to creating so many new, fun and exciting memories here!  I personally love this neighborhood we chose.  There are so many teachers and families with young kiddos a stones throw away in any given direction.  I love that Brayden has become BFF with a little boy across the street named Gavin.  They are literally inseparable, and I love that!  Speaking of Brayden and the new house….let me just say he is ECSTATIC about being in our new house.  Some kids may not take to moving very well, and others may not even realize what is going on, but not Brayden.  Nothing in this whole process has gotten past him.  He has been here since day one, with Brock and I, every step.  He was with us for the ground breaking, he was with us when they started framing, drywalling, putting cabinets in, appliances, the whole nine yards.

He is and has been (through the building process) so excited to be in our new home.  He talks about it non stop to his friends and play n share teachers (and anyone else who will listen), and he enjoys watching the kids in the neighborhood play.  We have fed baby ducks (who now are much bigger and are still just as friendly), walked to Abigail’s house, went fishing in some of the many ponds around here, sat on our sidewalk to watch the fireworks at Hummel Park for 4th of July, walked to the park and walked to the pool to play.  We are fully invested in neighborhood life and it’s so exciting!

Along with moving comes projects!  Poor Brock!  We have been in our house for right at 2 months, maybe a few days shy of 2 months, and he has had a project to work on every weekend and almost every night thus far!  We (when I say “we”, I mean Brock) just put up a gorgeous cedar fence in the back yard and are actually bringing our doggies to live with us again this week!  They are all going to Katie’s Dog Grooming tomorrow and Tuesday and getting the works before they come to their new home, and they had better BEHAVE!!!  Mama doesn’t want to clean up accidents and mud!

Next up on the to-do list:  Putting Brayden’s brand new cedar swing set and sand box  together!  Brayden’s a bit spoiled, and it was his birthday present from Grammy and Grandpy this year.

Speaking of birthdays….can I tell you how both happy and sad I am for Brayden’s 4th birthday tomorrow???!?!  How can he be 4?  My baby is 4…..this is so crazy to me.  I know everyone says it, but now I’m the one experiencing it and I gotta say….it’s hard!  This coming from a girl who broke out into tears at Babies R Us when I had to buy Brayden a 6-12 month outfit when he grew out of his 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes.  Guilty…  Anyways, I am so proud of the little boy he has become.  He is so amazingly smart, and such a great helper and the sweetest cuddly little guy you will ever find.  I’m so thrilled at his every day achievements and discoveries, and amazed by what he can do (and say) at this age!  Ok, so I will have to make myself embrace the age 4, knowing there will be many fun adventures on the way with him!  God has truly blessed us with Brayden!  Blessed!!!!!

What else, what else…..two things that I have come across this summer that I feel I must share with everyone!  Jessica Alba’s company, The Honest Company.  www.honest.com.  Check it out!  I have this thing with chemicals…in that I hate them and refuse to use them whenever possible.  Last month I ordered the laundry detergent and dishwasher detergent just to give them a spin around the block.  They were awesome!  The pricing was very reasonable and the packaging is mega adorable!  In fact, I just placed my second order today!  Fruit and veggie cleaner, dishwasher rinse aid and stain remover!  Pumped to try them!

The second thing I have come across (actually Abigail came across it) is a website called www.eat-yourself-skinny.com .  Totally cute little site with TONS of healthy recipes that are actually edible!  Plus, her photos of food and funny comments alone are enough to make a curious reader check it out!  I’m trying the cinnamon sugar muffins this coming weekend!  Yummo! Another fave website of mine is www.skinnytaste.com –and I have fixed a few dinners from that site.  Love it!  Now I just need to get an iPad with a cute little prop so I can just follow the recipe right off the website! 🙂  The fact that I’m writing about recipes may make some of you laugh….but hey…I’m trying to cook more…ok….it’s a process.  🙂

Until the next time, my lovelies!  🙂


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