Healthy Updates….

If any of you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know I’ve been on a mission to lose weight.  

The short story behind this ‘a-ha’ moment was me giving a pep talk to Brayden after he didn’t make a travel team he tried really hard to make.  I didn’t know what to say at first to make him feel better.  I knew his confidence had taken a big blow because we did everything we could have done on our end and it still wasn’t enough.

I kept thinking about things he could maybe improve upon and one thing I told him was that if he wanted something bad enough, he had to overcome the fear and nerves and be able to work through it.  If this meant, for example, getting hit with the  ball a couple times to get over the fear of being hit, then I told him to do it.  I just wanted him to work through it.  

Then it hit me; if I expected Brayden to try his hardest, then I needed to set the example.  I decided to use losing these stubborn pounds as my ‘quest’.  

I’ve pretty much been on the quest to be thin my entire life and I don’t think that’s a big secret.  I’ll lose 5-7 pounds, then within a few months it creeps back, and this pretty much repeats itself over and over.  While I’m not super hard on myself for what I eat, I am hard on myself for how much I eat!  

After 1 week, I’m down almost 3 pounds.  I’m not really calling this an accomplishment since it could very well just be water weight.  I’ll get excited when the scale shows 6 + pounds lost because I’d be willing to bet that it’s legit at that point!

My ultimate goal is to lose 15 pounds!  

Oh, and just throwing this out into the universe—but if you feel the need to hold me accountable or have some spare motivation laying around, feel free to let me know 😊.

Back To School!

Hi everyone! It’s that dreaded time of year, the time of year that interrupts our summer earlier and earlier, back to school time.  I mean, it’s inevitable, right?  But, starting August 1st is just plain cruel.  At the bare minimum, I feel like they should start after the State Fair is over, around mid-August.  That’s doable, right?

Anyways, as you read in the previous paragraph, Brayden started August 1st.  Third grade snuck up on me, and just seems so middle to upper aged in the elementary school sense.  I feel like it’s all going so fast that I haven’t been able to do the things I want to keep ‘preparing’ Brayden for the road ahead.  For example, when summer started, I told him he was going to read every night (granted, I told him this after our Disney trip, so it was basically mid-June) so I went Targeting (good excuse to go!) and bought him 2 chapter books.  He had just finished a chapter book that he bought at the end of school book fair right before our trip to Disney.  Well, as of the first day of school last week, he only had read one of the two books I bought him.  I mean, I feel bad that I didn’t enforce the reading like I told myself I would, but I’m always torn between being the enforcer and letting him enjoy playing outside with his friends every night until dark (which, by the way, is also a good thing).

Which brings me to my next topic…. parenting is rough at times as the kiddos get older.  No shock there, of course, but I’m starting to think back to my own experiences and hope and pray the Brayden never has to experience some of them and pray that he gets to experience all the good things!  I’m lucky that, to this point, he’s had great friends, awesome teachers and a great overall school experience, all while keeping good grades, staying well behaved and basically being the ideal type of student.  But, I know times are changing with the friend aspect.  As Brayden gets older, his friendship status with some kids is starting to change.  He’s becoming closer with some and distancing others, not by choice, but just because he spends more time with some.  He’s starting to get to that age where some of his friendships will strengthen and some will break.  I remember this time in my life well and it can be rough!  And, as a parent, it makes me sad sometimes, because I see Brayden getting hurt occasionally by friends he loves dearly.  I just keep telling myself we need to keep moving on and experiencing new things with new people.

Something I’m enjoying as Brayden gets older is seeing him become a leader, seeing him influence and build others UP and seeing him succeed.  My heart is happy when I see him doing what he loves and doing it well.  Something else I’m also enjoying….dressing him!  I mean….I don’t literally dress him, but you moms know what I mean!  He’s doing a great job looking as handsome as ever…and he’s very particular about what he wears if he is going to school.  Haha!  He’s also particular about his hair if he’s doing something special at school or going somewhere fun.  I love it.  I think he’s just becoming more aware of everything on that front.  

Third grade, we are ready for you!!! Let’s do this!!  Let’s learn more, get better, have more experiences and enjoy the ride!
What are your favorite moments to watch as your kids get older?  Oh, and on a side note, I think we should sign a petition that says the kids don’t need to go back until August 15th…can I get an amen on that?

Have a great day!!

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