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Those of you who know me best, know that I am a  walking, talking version of the latest People magazine.  I do love my celeb stories, and while a lot of the stories out there are meant purely to sell magazines and for entertainment value, some of the stories are honest and come from a good place.  As a mom, I tend to gravitate towards a great “before and after” piece, or a “how she does everything under the sun while being a mommy piece”.  It’s human nature, I can’t help it!  Plus, reading about nutrition or fitness and lifestyle changes are kind of like going to my happy place, that is full of motivational speakers and happy quotes.

In January 2011, I’ll admit….a few Holiday pounds had found their way to my thighs…and I wanted to make a change in how I viewed food, and the food choices I was making.  I didn’t make bad choices before, but I had room for improvement, and I really just wanted to strengthen my views on the foods I chose for myself and my family.  I knew that I wanted to try and stay away from processed foods and I wanted to try and keep Brayden from consuming so many of them as well, but I honestly didn’t know where to begin.  I don’t like to cook, so I knew if cooking was involved, I wanted it to be easy, and I wanted to use clean foods, lots of organic foods and of course have a good variety to chose from every night….basically I wanted a “celeb” style menu for every meal, but I didn’t want to cook it myself and I didn’t have $1000/per month to have a fresh diet truck drop all my meals (that would be about the cost of only my food–yes, food delivery is that expensive) off at my back door.

Then I started to think, to be “well”, means feeling well physically and mentally.  It takes both pieces to work simultaneously to achieve success.  This is when I found out about “Reshaping It All” by Candace Cameron Bure (yep, she played DJ Tanner on “Full House”).  I am so so so glad that I bought this book and really studied it!  It puts a Religious spin on weight loss and how you can mentally train yourself to be a stronger person, through being stronger with the Lord.  Plus, there are added bonuses like Bible verses, inspirational notes and Candace’s own recipes (that are EASY and made with clean, organic items) that are super good!  Candace has 3 kids of her own and they eat just as healthy as she and her husband do, plus she makes time to be active with her kids every single day.  She instills these wonderful moral values in her family’s life, every single day.  I feel like that is the key to getting better at anything…having the right attitude and feeling accomplished goes a long way! 🙂

Fast Forward to March 2012, and I have lost 20 pounds, and several inches…and still learning and losing everyday!  It takes work, and dedication and DISCIPLINE–but it CAN be done.  Trust me! 

Other Celeb Mommies that inspire me:

Ali Sweeney from Days of Our Lives and The Biggest Loser and author of “The Mommy Diet”, which ROCKS by the way (for mommies and mommies to be).  Talk about being busy….she couldn’t be more busy if she tried and she makes fitness, family and nutrition a #1 priority for her family’s daily life.

Reese Witherspoon.  I feel like I shouldn’t even have to explain this one.  Everything about her screams down to earth mommy, right down to the chickens and goats she has in her backyard!

Jennifer Garner and Jessica Alba, because you always see them with their kids in tow at a local farmers market or playground, because they bring their kids to set, and because you can tell they don’t have “celeb help” like a lot of moms in the biz.  And Jessica Alba’s new company, The Honest Company looks amazing, and I can’t wait to try it out when we move into our new home!

I take different pieces of inspiration from all of these celeb mommies and it really just gives me a tiny bit of a boost in morale for the workout or recipe I’m trying to complete!

I challenge all of you to find little bits of inspiration throughout the day, anything to keep your head up and to keep ya going to make it through to other side of the healthy tunnel!

Healthy Mommy…Part One

Where do I even begin with this post?  What direction should I take this in?  So. Many. Thoughts.  I’ll start with my own.

I’m a smart girl, I have taken courses while in college on nutrition, fitness and all around basic health classes.  This does not make me an expert, but this makes me educated enough to know what I should do, and it shouldn’t be that hard to really buckle down and do it…right?  Ya, uhm…not so much.  Don’t get me wrong though, I don’t live off unhealthy foods and I do try to get exercise in when I can.  I’m basically the “average” maintainer, though, I always want to be the “best” loser when it comes to weight loss and getting healthy.

I have always fought with the scale, mainly because I was blessed with my mom’s bone structure, which are thicker, heavier bones –in which she rocks standing at a nice and tall 5 foot 8 inches, and I’m only 5 foot 3 on a good day.  The only good thing about my bone structure is that my pediatrician always told me that even though the scale would say 130, I would actually LOOK 120.  Sweet, I’ll take that.  My pediatrician would also tell me “you should compete in gymnastics or tennis because you are double jointed and would rarely ever be at risk for breaking a bone.”  Nice…but I will say that to this day, I can honestly report I have never had an actual broken bone.  Fractures…yes…broken ..nope!  I guess good ol’ Norman Liebschutz did know a thing or two about what he was talking about. 🙂

Moving along….pregnancy weight is never easy for anyone to handle.  I thought I had it great until about 28 weeks.  Swelling set in, things started to get uncomfortable and it was all down hill, or should I say “up” hill from there…weight wise…I won’t bore anyone with my pregnancy stories…but I will say this…I gained a lot of weight, most of it fluid weight from swelling, but it was still hard on my body!

When I had Brayden, I told myself I would always take care of my body and never put anything other than clean foods in it ever again.  I couldn’t wait to eat deli turkey again and all the tuna and fish in the world.  I was craving bold coffee and fruit salads and sushi.  Now only if I could crave those fruit salads and deli turkey again…

I think, in general, we get too comfy in our every day life, which is usually crazy busy and end up in the drive through at the nearest McDonald’s (for the record the only items on the menu I eat there are fish sandwiches, salads and egg mcmuffins) or in my case…Chick Fil A-grabbing a grilled chicken salad.

I worry about what our little guy eats.  Whenever we do go out, we always make sure he has something green on his plate and we watch the intake of french fries and ice cream!  I find myself watching him eat at home and then compare it with what I’m eating.  I always make his food on his little toddler plates, which are sectioned out for 2 sides and a main entrée.  He will pick around at it and generally eat fruit and the entrée first…then a few veggies and some milk and he’s done, with some food left to spare on the plate.  Then I look at myself and what I’m eating on my full size dinner plate and extra salad bowl.  Yes, it may be a “healthy” dinner of grilled chicken, salad, baked potatoes and asparagus…but it’s the PORTIONS.  Wow.  It’s the extra-large chicken breast (a portion is supposed to be as big as a deck of cards), fatty salad dressing (I have learned that the Wish Bone spray dressing is the smart way to go), gobs of smart balance butter and a little weight watchers shredded cheese on the potato (as if the potato wasn’t bad enough alone) and of course….something sweet afterwards.

Dude.  Your healthy dinner just turned into 800 calories…really fast.  Ouch!

Anyways, the point is…if we honestly put thought into what our kids eat, why don’t we treat our bodies the same way?  If we take the time out to do it for them, don’t we deserve a little portioned out dinner plate with fruit, an all beef organic hot dog, green beans and strawberry “Dora the Explorer” yogurt too?

Any day is a good day to change your life for the better.  I firmly believe that.  ANY DAY….TODAY…not tomorrow…today!  Make the change….stick with it.  I struggle sticking with any eating change–but once you finally cross over the tallest hurdle, it’s so much better and smooth sailing from then on out.  We have to retrain our bodies to expect healthy foods, and not as much of it.  It’s HARD.  My stomach will growl half the day some days.  It’s no fun, but I cannot wait until I cross the hurdle!

I want to be a healthy mommy….and set the example for what our little guy should reach for in the pantry.  Apples or yogurt instead of gummy bears or cookies.  White milk instead of chocolate, orange juice instead of sodas (ack!!!).  We have to plant the seeds and stick with it for them…so I believe I should plant my own seeds and practice what I preach. 🙂

Moooooore to come!

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