Here are a few things I’m loving/reading/watching/eating and generally think you need:

Listening to: Dierks Bentley, Black.  We are hitting up his concert in August and I would like to know at least 2 or 3 songs haha.


Reading: The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.  Why?  Because, I feel like maybe being a realtor is in my future.  With my parents planning retirement in the next 3 or 4 years, I would love to have some flexibility in my schedule with the kids.  Though I’m positive my mom will work at Kohl’s until she’s 110, I know my dad would like to do a little traveling.  Enter real estate.  Plus, the older I get, the more I want to flip homes and spend every weekend at Lowes.  Yep, I’m THAT person.


Watching: Brother vs Brother on HGTV.  I told you in the sentence above, I’m turning into that person who wants to spend every weekend at Lowes.  I’m obsessed with before and afters of homes that have been remodeled.  I literally cannot watch it enough!


Shopping for: Really cute black sandals/wedges I can wear out on the weekends, but also with dress pants at work.  Oh and I don’t want to spend more than $50.  Target has let me down, so has  SOS–send ideas my way!

Considering: Doing a blog series on progress for eating clean.  You guys have NO IDEA how hard it has been for me to fix clean dinners now that I work 40 minutes away (that’s in no traffic).  By the time I get home at night, Brock has already fed the boys and usually it’s in the form of organic beef hotdogs, organic lunch packs or Annie’s ravioli or pizza rolls, with some cheese or yogurt as a side.  Granted, the boys probably still eat “cleaner” than I do, but we need to cut back on dairy for them and they need to learn to love veggies as much as they love cheese and fruit.  Secondly, I need to actually sit down and eat a full blown balanced meal.  Everything is on the go right now and it needs to slow down a bit.  With all the anxiety and OCD issues I have, eating is something that could help me, and I really need to practice what I preach.

Wearing: This tank top from Dottie Couture and this romper from Dottie Couture.  I also have the CUTEST 4th of July tank to wear from Tiffany’s Boutique.  She doesn’t have a website yet, but I love her clothing as well!  Oh, and these Guess shoes are making a strong appearance this summer….


Wishing: I had my evenings free to read, go to the gym, spend time in the kitchen (ok, I laughed at that too) and organize the house.  One day.  But then I’ll miss the kiddos being around at my feet 24-7, so basically I want the impossible….unless I get really stinking rich and can hire a full time maid…..

Eating:  I cannot get enough chicken fajitas (without the tortillas, so I can have chips and salsa…obviously).  Mexican all day, everyday, please and thank you.  I just ate an organic peach as a snack though and I’m planning to order some NuGO organic Slim bars today to snack on at work.  I’ve heard they are fantastic.

Can’t wait for: A mini family vacation to a water park next weekend.  We plan to throw the boys in and let them fend for themselves until they learn to swim.  Kidding.  We hope they love it!


What are your favorite finds right now? 🙂



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