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You know how some bloggers make it look so easy.  The creativity just fllllll-oooo-wwwssss within them.  They say they have to plan everything out and try really hard to look creative.  I don’t buy it.  They just have the blogging “it” factor.  #True story.

I have tried for what feels like eternity to get some kind of creative mojo and I’m plain out.  On E.

Hence the title of this post.

I guess all my readers are stuck with the “way too busy mom who still wants to be cool and pretend she has time to be a blogger with the IT factor” blogger.  My apologies in advance for the randomness coming your way. 🙂

It’s November and here’s what I can tell you about this month:

  1. I don’t and will never understand “no shave November.”  I think it’s just an excuse for dudes to go a whole month being scruffy.  Just wait till the ladies start to recognize “no shave November” themselves as well.  Shorts season doesn’t start for us until March.  Just sayin, dudes, just sayin….
  2. While we are on the topic of dudes and hair weirdness, just stop with the man buns already.  I mean, I’m sure there are girls out there that dig long hair and the “manly” beard that’s touching your boobies, but please for the love of everything stop with the man buns.  There is nothing cool, or trendy, or appealing about them.
  3. It’s hunting season.  I’ve heard more stories as of late, about what goes on in a damn tree stand than I care to.   Did you know people actually take a week or more off work to hang out in a tree stand?  I feel like my dad and brother may be some of those people if their jobs allowed them to take time off to breathe.  I have enjoyed seeing tons of “Blair Witch Project”-esque videos pop up on my Facebook feed lately though.  #SnotFangs.
  4. Since I have been reminded since June of how many Monday’s there were before Christmas (thanks Facebook), I now have an internal countdown that’s making me extremely anxious with every passing week.  How do I organize my Christmas shopping this year?  Do I use ol faithful (Amazon) for the majority?  What if Target has a better sale?  But Best Buy has triple reward points (that I always somehow let expire) and oh no….if you spend $200 at Gander Mountain before November 20, you get gift cards back.  Wait, do I even shop at Gander Mountain?  It’s overwhelming kids.  This year I’ve taken the group approach.  Week one: nieces, Week two: nephews, I have to stop there though because I haven’t really thought of what Week three is going to entail.  I’ll follow up with an update on my group shopping trips in mid December.  I may be in mid Christmas break down by that point, where all rules go out the window and I just use every spare minute of my day and get as much done online as I can.  Meanwhile, my friends are all hanging out in their cute Christmas jammies, leisurely lounging on the couch, staring at their Christmas tree…..
  5. Turkey day is almost a week away.  My brother and his wife come to town, I actually may get to spend more than 0 minutes of time with my brother.  I’m giddy.  Oh and turkey.  I love turkey.  And homemade apple pie and stove top stuffing.  I’m classy like that.
  6. Who loads up on coffee and energy drinks, and pulls an all nighter on Thanksgiving to shop…….ONLINE.  This girl, that’s who!  I’ve NEVER participated in the grueling stampede that is black Friday.  I really don’t even have an answer for why I haven’t either.  Hmm.
  7. My husband just informed me that college football plays for only 2 more Saturday’s.  Really?  Not that I’m a sports aficionado, but I feel like it kinda just started.
  8. Who’s been watching the political debates?  I tend to watch closer to actual election day, when the candidates are out for blood and throw each other under the bus in the nicest, most obvious way possible.  SNL just keeps getting better and better around election time.
  9. —Very random—I just can’t get on board with Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani.  Anyone else?  My husband has been calling this match up since day one of The Voice started.  I refuse to let him win, so I keep trying to play it off like its pure media hype.
  10. I don’t know why, but every since I was 19, I seem to always go on a diet literally weeks before the two biggest fatty holidays ever.  Why would I stop now?  Duh.  #goodlucksucka #imthesucka

You’re welcome for this list.  I hope it has brought awareness to the month that is November.

Gobble Gobble!


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