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Over the weekend while I was scrolling through social media, specifically Facebook, I noticed that probably 30-40% of my timeline posts were network marketing related; anything from monthly specials, to hostess gifts, to team building activities or even retreats. I know it can seem, to some, especially those who are not a part of a network marketing company, like they are “bombarded” with these opportunities everyday. For me, however, seeing so many of these network marketing companies’ missions come through social media channels like Facebook, makes me extremely happy and very hopeful and inspired.

You see, network marketing is not a pyramid “scheme”. Literally, it hurts to even use that word in this blog post. Rather, it’s a chance to be your own business owner and its HARD work to run. Hard work, skill, dedication and devotion. Contrary to what some think, it’s definitely not a get rich quick type of business. Sure, the opportunity is there to make money, but the big dollars come from countless hours, days, weeks, months and years of hard work and 150% dedication. There are also incentives, promotions and bonuses that are given from some companies as a pat on the back to the top performers.

It’s no different than an 8-5 job. Managers are paid more because they have people they are responsible for, only in network marketing, managers are called directors, or executives, or diamonds. The big picture is that it’s the same concept and whether you choose network marketing, an 8-5 or both, it’s hard work, loyalty and making connections that allow you to advance.

I’ve heard several people say that even the Wall Street Journal sings the praises of the business model for network marketing. Why wouldn’t you want to be your own boss and own your own time? It’s not the story of the Tupperware lady or Avon lady selling to her stay at home mom friends anymore. That is such a thing of the past. It’s much bigger now. More profitable. Business women and men are working full time in network marketing now, selling high quality products to consumers around the country and consumers are experiencing great results.

Want more proof? Check out this interesting article from Forbes Magazine about network marketing and retirement.

I have had a few experiences with network marketing. First, I’m going to tell you what not to do. About 10 years ago, I decided I wanted to make some extra money, so I joined Pampered Chef. Why did I chose Pampered Chef? Well, because the market was not saturated with PC consultants and I thought that was a smart move. Well, silly me because it’s no secret the kitchen is not my favorite room in the house. Alright, that’s 100% true these days, but it’s not on my top 10 list. While I loved the recipes and the kitchen tools, I felt like I couldn’t really be a good salesperson for a product that I didn’t use enough of myself. Plus, their recipes are not for the calorie conscious, if you know what I mean… I made some money from it and that was great, but I let it fizzle out. While I thought I was being smart by choosing a company that was not over saturated, it really was not smart to choose a company that was not the best fit for my personal goals, or to think I would make a significant amount of money every month without being 100%

Then in 2011, I decided to take the network marketing leap again with Thirty One and you can read about my journey here.

And just this past September, Young Living Essential Oils fell into my lap. I wasn’t planning on selling these. I had heard such wonderful buzz on these oils and all of my readers know I’m one that tries to treat things the natural way before OTC meds. Brayden was starting kindergarten and being the germ freak that I am, it was not a shock I was interested in thieves oil. I was also interested in the home diffuser to diffuse thieves everyday when I got home from work, to help boost immunity. It was much more cost effective for me to purchase the Premium Starter Kit that came with thieves (plus 10 additional popular multi-use oils) and the home diffuser. After I got my kit and started experimenting (on myself of course, not our kids), I found out that the oils were the real deal. Literally and figuratively. I couldn’t believe the success I had by using them! Friends saw this and joined. I now have a team of 9.

Now I go to online classes and read tons of research articles about these little gems, to learn more about how to use them for my family, and let’s be real mommies… know when you tell your pediatrician that you use them and the pediatrician doesn’t shame you for not using traditional OTC meds, that you must be doing something they approve of. And another bonus—a lot of these oils can be used on your pets. I told our vet recently that I was putting a couple blends on our dogs to help calm them down and they said it was a good idea and wouldn’t hurt them. I love being able to use and sell a product that I believe in 100%, and that “fits” my interests.
Another aspect of network marketing that is enjoyable is the fellowship with other consultants. Most companies meet once a month or once a quarter to have a pep rally of sorts and discuss sales tactics and what is on the horizon for their business. You are in a room with 20-100+ other people just like yourself, working towards a big goal, sharing the same interests. You meet so many wonderful people and share wonderful stories. The meetings I have been to have been so enlightening and everyone seems to be there to support each other.

My point to this post is this; network marketing is a wonderful opportunity, and business model. The possibilities are endless as long as you are willing to put in the work. I’m a firm believer that we can all be better than we are, and that there is a big world out there that we can all help change.
I want to point out that I work for Young Living and Thirty One only part time. I’m not a director or executive, but I see people who are every day. I know and feel the work they put into their business. It’s not overnight success. It takes perseverance and patience and willingness to never give up. I have a few Facebook friends that are committed to their companies beyond measure and you know what? They are finding that it’s paying off……BIG. You know how they are doing it? By using social media to post their successes, their client’s successes, inspirational quotes, product specials and goals. Additionally, they turn themselves into walking billboards, finding every opportunity to talk with new clients. Breakfasts/Lunches/Dinners out, play dates with their friends and kids, treadmill time at the gym, school functions, college classes, Starbucks drive thru’s and even by going to get their weekly spray tan. They are fearless and determined and because of that, they will succeed. This inspires me.

To all those in network marketing reaching the greatness of your dreams and highest goals, I respect you and am grateful for the leadership you show. Those of us in this industry in any capacity know what it takes. I aspire to be one of those who reach their goals. Just know you are all inspirations!

So the next time you feel like your social media feeds are packed full of these products, offers and promotions; think about what that wrap, anti aging cream, P90X DVD, personalized tote, necklace or oil really means to those who are succeeding everyday in this billion dollar industry. Billion, yes, with a B.




currently nov 2014

When your brain can’t think of anything clever to write about, you can always whip out the ol’ trusty “currently” post, as seen below.

+Listening To:  Taylor Swift–1989 #cantstopwontstop #sorrynotsorry #noreally

+Eating:  Taco Bell chicken protein power bowl with no rice.  Get.In.My.Belly!

+Enjoying:  My Young Living Essential Oils.  They really have helped with things like cuts, scrapes, KIDDO SLEEP, snoring and even stress.  Diffusing thieves oil makes our house smell great too.  Winner Winner!

+Working On:  our Thanksgiving menu.  We’re hosting this year.

+Buying:  The question should be what am I not buying?  Christmas shopping has consumed me.

+Cooking:  For real, normally this wouldn’t even be something I would write about.  For a while now, I’ve been a devoted fan of  It’s become my go-to when I have a few spare minutes to make dinner.  My favorite dinner recipe is the deep dish cheeseburger pie.  Sweet mother its good!

+Wishing:  The weather was nicer.  In typical Indiana fashion, it cannot make its mind up.  3 days ago it was 65 degrees, now it’s 34 degrees.  Whatevs. Indiana—Whatevs.

+Excited For:  Short term22 Jump Street comes out next Tuesday (Holla!) Long term–Watching everyone open Christmas presents, ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas shows and my mom’s famous Christmas sugar cookies.

+LovingAKA—telling you that you NEED this:  My Thirty One Medium Utility Tote.  This month ONLY they are $7!  Seven dollars, 7 doll-hairs, 7 smack-a-roonies.  Check them out here!

+Setting Goals For: Myself to re-start my Yogalosophy DVD again.  It will be a fight.  Ugh.  In case you were wondering though, it does work!  You can find more detail about Yogalosophy here.

What’s In My Bag-go ahead, snoop around

I have to admit, this post is inspired by me finally changing out handbags.  You would think a girl that was so excited to receive her new Kate Spade bag would jump at the chance to start using it.  Not this girl apparently.  It sat in the box on our flex room (otherwise dubbed the “get to it later” room) floor for over 2 weeks before I decided to set aside the time to unpack it and start using it–not because I wasn’t pumped tote it along and show it off, but just for the simple fact that I hate changing out hand bags.

Changing out hand bags, in my opinion, is like getting an oil change.  You have to do it, you have to keep them current, but dread taking the time out of your day to actually get it done.  Don’t even get me started on how much I loathe changing wallets.  I used to be the girl who had a coordinating hand bag for most clothes in my closet.  I would change them out daily and had a wide variety of sizes and types to choose from.  But then life happened.  Now….I buy the biggest hand bag I can find and throw everything I “may need” into it.  It’s like my security blanket.  Knowing I could most likely survive for quite some time on a deserted island with just the contents of my hand bag makes me feel happy.  There’s a chance I may need to talk to someone about this….


So let’s get to this, shall we?  Oh and just as a disclaimer, you should know that this is not everything I actually carry, these items listed below are what I consider the absolute essentials.  Let’s not forget about the items I didn’t picture here though, such as band-aids, hand sanitizer, Zicam, powder sponges, tweezers, random pacifiers, small baby toys and 3 small My Little Ponies that Brayden gave me for my birthday this past year.

whats in my bag2edited

1.)  Oh, isn’t she lovely.  When Kate Spade has a sale, you take advantage.  She’s my new bestie.  I’m kind of a bag snob.  Since I carry them for so long, I buy good name brands.  You really do get what you pay for when it comes to hand bags and shoes.  Remember this.  (Like you didn’t already know!)

2.)  My Erin Condren planner.  I admit, when I first received this, I took it everywhere with me and used it non stop.  Then I went a month or two without it.  Now I’m forcing myself to keep it current because apparently “to do lists” need to come in the form of iPhone reminders, post it notes AND this planner.  My brain just can’t hold as much as it did back when I actually got 8 hours of sleep a night.

3.)  Check books!  Yes, I still write checks for certain things.  But never fear, I’m not “that girl” that holds the line up at Target for 70 ba-zillion minutes waiting for a check to go through the noisy scanner/printer contraption.

4.)  Extra Strength Midol and Ibuprofen.   I’m a girl.  You do the math.  In all honesty though, I get terrible migraines a few times a month and the midol is the only thing that even remotely alleviates the pain.

5.)  My trusty wallet!  I bought this leather Coach wallet last winter and I love it.  On top of holding so many things, it zips!  I thought I would hate a wallet that zipped originally, but now I don’t think I will ever own another wallet that doesn’t zip!

6.)  Thirty One coupon clutch, with embroidered initials—obviously. As a Thirty One consultant I had to get one of these when they first came out!

7.). MAC powder. I think this is just a girl staple. Another bonus is that it lasts forever!

8.). Compact mirror by Thirty One. They currently don’t offer these anymore but I can’t really figure out why bc who doesn’t need a cute compact? Love it!

9.) Orbit spearmint gum. Normally I chew aspartame free gum called Pur, but I ran out and I can only get it certain places. Anyways this is always my fav ‘go to’ gum if I can’t find the Pur brand.

10.) Loreal Voluminous False Lashes. I love this mascara so much! It actually does make my lashes look longer, and let’s be honest girls–isn’t that everyone’s dream?

11.). Stila lip gloss in guava and Bare Minerals lip gloss in layer cake. Two of my fav brands of lipgloss!

12.) Coach wristlet for my 600 reward cards. Every store has one now and it’s getting a little out of control. Oh but hey, if you offer one–I’m still gonna sign up—mmmk?

13.). Erin Condren pouch and a sample of her Island Fleur body butter. I am OBSESSED with this body butter and once this sample is gone, you better believe I’ll be ordering the full size bottle! Gardenia has to be one of my favorite smells in the world and that’s the main scent used in this lotion. And this adorable pouch came as a gift with my planner-so now I use it to keep lipgloss in.

I hope you enjoyed!! Have a wonderful day, all!


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