I promise I still like to blog

So I’m completely overdue in getting a new post up.  I mean….WAY overdue.  I wish there were a simple explanation, or I could just hide under the “I’ve been so busy” rock, but nah….

So because a month has passed now, I’m going to caption some photos to tell you what I’ve been up to this past month!

I had my first kindergarten field trip in mid-September.  Brayden was thrilled to take pictures with me.

mommy and b-appleworks

We ate peanut butter crackers together, picked a few apples, learned about how apple dumplings were made and I tried to hold his hand when no one was watching, but was rejected.  And so it begins….

Then later that night, I did this….

young living

I had wanted to purchase the Young Living starter kit for quite some time.  I thought maybe diffusing Thieves oil and lavender would help keep the germie’s away from the Keevers house.  I’m still learning, but I will say that I’m pretty much obsessed with Thieves oil and lavender for myself and the kids.  I also love the peppermint for headaches.  It’s a fun new … what would you call it?  A hobby?  I’m excited to play around with these and find new ways of healing/helping.

Oh, and as a side note, you should know that my hubs was sick with tonsillitis earlier this fall and I gave him Thieves oil to put on his feet and behind his ears.  He slept so well that night and could actually breathe, that he was late for work!


Then I bought this from Thirty One–the Timeless Beauty Bag.  http://www.mythirtyone.com/mkeevers

This is the perfect bag for my oil collection.  It obviously will hold a lot more, and you can take it anywhere you want!

young living timeless bag

mason belly and hair

Because this is one of the most precious things to wake up to. That hair, those precious (but sharp as daggers) teeth, that belly…….

mary hates rain

You see, where I live–fall can mean gorgeous trees, apple orchards and apple cider slushies, OR it can mean cold, rainy, dark, dreary days.  And it’s always a toss up what we will end up getting.  I am not a person who enjoys rain….in any way.  Cold rain?  Even worse.

mommy and mason bed

Midnight snuggles.  Yes, he goes to bed at 7:45, but occasionally he needs his momma once in the night.  This was one of those nights.   I may complain that I’m tired, but you will never hear me complain about one of our boys needing me.  I love it.  Precious memories.

fall decor

Fall decorations did finally make an appearance in our house around the end of September.  Our front porch looked really cute too while the mums were alive.  oops…. #Ipromiseiwateredthem

dashing dish meal

I have to brag.  Or rave.  Both, I have to do both.  I have this favorite recipe blog that is chock full of wonderful clean eating, low calorie menus.  The website is DashingDish.com.  Some of you may have seen me posting pictures over the past few years of recipes I’ve made from her website.   By her, I mean Katie, the sweetest little cook in the cute apron.  Please check her site out.  This recipe (above) was included in a meal plan she sent to me.  So good!


To wrap this up, the kids and I went with my mom this past weekend out of town to visit my family about 3 hours south of here.  There is a zoo there that Brayden loves, so it was nice to be able to go there for a bit, and it was nice to have dinner with my dad, since he’s been away on business for several weeks.  My mom loves going to visit him while he’s out of town.  #mushygushy

mesker park brayden mario

We begin our zoo outing with tour guide Brayden, who never let go of his map the entire time we were there.  I think my uncle was able to wrestle it out of his hands once (probably with a bribe).

This was about the 5th time I asked him to get a picture with me and he said “no mom” and took off running.  Gees!

mommy and mase mesker park

This is a terrible picture of me, but my little sunshine is as adorable as ever.  This one still likes his mommy enough to take a picture with her. 🙂

mesker park giraffe

Ok this was cool because Brayden was literally in the giraffe’s face.  Not cool were the morons picking grass by the enclosure and feeding it to the giraffe’s.  Where were the zoo employees?  Anyways, we did not participate in the grass pulling and feeding, but we did sneak in for a quick picture.

amish country

And finally…this is what I call food.  Yes, I only had one plate.  Yes, I was feeling so good about myself for only having one plate at an Amish buffet–that I had to follow it up with a piece of chocolate pie.  Ok, chocolate pie and blackberry cobbler.


As you can see, I have been pretty busy the past month; you know, with soccer, food, the zoo, more food, healthy oils, more food and family.

Happy Fall!!!


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