Currently I’m loving/liking/obsessing/enjoying:

Brow Gel–Where has this been my entire 32 years?  Why am I just now finding out about it’s magical powers?  I feel like this is only the beginning of a beautiful brow friendship.  Right now I’m sporting brow gel by Anastasia–the brow Queen, herself.

Bright Red-Orange hues of nail polish.  Mui Caliente!

This new addition:  Thank you Kate Spade for having a terrific summer sale.

Jessie James Decker:  Comin Home.  Girl can saaaaaaaaaaaang!  Seriously, she’s really really talented.

Miranda Lambert: Platinum.  Specifically “Automatic”, “Somethin Bad About to Happen”, “Bathroom Sink”, and “Pricilla”.
I don’t know why, but I always listen to country music so much more in the summer.

Our family photos we just had taken:
Photo by Kelly Gibbs Photography

The Daily Tay This lady, Taylor…well she’s hilarious! Check her out!

And these super adorable Chill-icious Thermal Totes from Thirty One.


What are you currently loving?


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