Friday Five!

Happy Friday, loves!!

Today I’m sharing my five favorite apps I can’t be without!

1. Instagram

I mean…did it happen if you didn’t document it on the ‘gram? I’ve always been more of an IG girl than FB. Sorry FB, but all the forwarded jokes and messages are just clutter to me. I use FB to connect and stay in touch with friends and family, of course, but I prefer the look and ease of Instagram. Plus, pictures. Lots of pictures.

2. Target Cartwheel

Do you guys have this downloaded? I’m assuming all of my readers are Target shoppers, since we are friends, right? I’ve had this app since it first became available. Now they also have Target Circle, which is connected to your Target account just like Cartwheel! All I know is when I check out via store or online checkout, I ALWAYS have a credit to apply to my total, along with my Cartwheel offers. Target just keeps getting better!

3. MyFitnessPal

I’m a tad obsessed with numbers. I mean, just a tad. By a tad, I mean a lot! I wear a FitBit 24-7. (Santa, please bring me an Apple Watch for Christmas so I can jump into the 21st century with the rest of the world, mmmmk). My FitBit is connected to MyFitnessPal, so all my workouts and steps transfer over from FitBit to MFP so I can see how many calories I can consume without turning into a double wide. I log all my calories. I know some people feel negatively about logging calories but it helps me see what I’m working with. MFP keeps me enlightened on what my macros are all day long so I know when to add more protein or cut back on fats. It’s very helpful!

4. Calm

How many of you struggle with just finding 5 minutes in the day to take a freaking breath? Last summer I downloaded this app to help with my anxiety. Little did I know that I would be unlocking this GINORMOUS portable resource of so much goodness! I actually love it so much that I pay the 60.00 per year for the full version. Don’t worry though, the free version has access to a ton of meditations, breathing exercises, music and even sleep stories. My anxiety was so major that I wanted the in depth meditation series’s. Now that my anxiety is semi under control, I use this app on road trips when get anxious or if I ever feel a feeling of panic start to come on. It’s pretty amazing!

5. Chick Fil-A One App/Starbucks

Like how I combined these two? I cheated since I technically have 6 apps here, but these are the two restaurant apps that I feel offer the best rewards and give back the most to their customers! Also, these are really the only places I go if I’m eating out haha. My favorite days are when I can get a free coffee and free medium fruit salad at Starbucks and Chick Fil-A, respectively. 😊. These apps are definitely worth the download!! You may actually be losing money if you don’t have them.

Alright guys! That’s all I have for today!!! What are your favorite apps and should I download them??

Have a great weekend!!!!



Trigger Foods

Oh, these sneaky little diet crashers.  Things could be going well, you could be in a great eating routine, losing weight steadily and BAM…a bag of kettle chips show up in your pantry and you want them, like, yesterday.  You avoid them for as long as you can, then you take a sneak peek and see that the bag even says “reduced fat”.  It suddenly becomes a can’t stop, won’t stop kind of situation.  1 serving becomes 2 in no time flat, aka 140 calories becomes 280 in a matter of half an hour.


Why do we do this to ourselves?  I really have no idea, but my brain sure does love to justify snacking on said kettle chips, peanuts and Skinny Pop popcorn around 10:00 every night.  I know it’s completely a mental thing, and I’m also sure that if I spent more time during the day getting a little more protein in, that I may not have the 10pm mega cravings.  However, I probably have these cravings because I have spent too much time giving in and having the snack, which obviously I do not need.  Basically I’m sabotaging myself and it sucks.

peanuts   skinny pop

The only solution I can come up with:  Just stop doing it.  Stop eating late, stop eating large portions, stop buying these “triggers” at the grocery store.

Simple enough, right?  I’m sure it won’t be.  I will have to train my body again to avoid foods that make it easy for me to justify eating more than 1 serving.

So much about being healthy is mental.  As long as you are in the correct mind set, you can pretty much do anything.  For lack of a better word, I hate to “lose”, and when eating healthy becomes a challenge because of something as simple as eating way too many peanuts or a few too many servings of Skinny Pop (even when I’m not hungry to begin with) I feel like I’m losing, which makes me insanely frustrated.

Something that is seemingly so simple, that’s actually super hard.

What are some of your “trigger foods” and how do you manage staying true to healthy eating?


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