Currently–Springtastic, but almost Summer version

+Listening to: The Furious 7 soundtrack. I seriously can’t stop. Also on the playlist…some old school Fugees and SWV and the new Britney Spears/Iggy summer smash “Pretty Girls”. Yes, that’s me with my windows down (AC on to give me the wind blown hair vibe as well), aviators on, and hair down singing at the top of my lungs. Not. Even. Sorry. I’m still mad my new car doesn’t have a sunroof—I feel like I’m missing a key element of my car concert without it.


Britney Spears “Pretty Girls” video

+Eating: More like currently OVER eating. Story of my life. Something I always struggle with. Am I overweight…nope. Average—ugh, yes. If only I could find the discipline to really find the best body I know I have inside me! Being so short doesn’t help matters.  Oh wait, did that just get too real?  Oops.

+Drinking: So, I’m digging Sam Adams Rebel IPA currently. My dad actually was looking for something different and brought some home for my hubs and I to try. Winner! Of course my tried and true Stella is still a fav and diet and Bacardi wins in the mixed drink category.

On a healthy note….I’m drinking Shakeology on most days at lunch time. This helps with 2 things….sugar cravings and I don’t have to spend 9.00 on a salad from Chick Fil A for lunch anymore. I really like it and it does NOT taste like a protein shake. It is really, really good!  I am ready to change up the recipes though, so if you have any awesome ideas for the chocolate, let me know!

Buying: I have a slight obsession with a local boutique called Dottie Couture right now. Sandals that are $30, necklaces that are $12, shirts that are $30? The icing on the cake is that they are amazingly cute….all things that are my jam. I’m a big fan of boutiques right now! I also have recently gone into a new boutique called Tiffany’s and picked out more than a few finds I need to go back and get.

Loving: The sunshine! Need I say more? The smell of grass, the fact that our neighborhood pool is open…which reminds me that I need to watch my annual showing of The Sandlot.  (Pool + Summer with friends + Baseball + The Beast + YaYa= The Sandlot)  Are you picking up what I’m throwing down?  Cool.


Looking forward to: A summer spent outside. Well, until the bugs come out in the evening haha; so its a good thing I have THIS awesome recipe for non toxic bug spray for the kids. A trip to Chicago and a trip to the Newport Aquarium are also on the summer agenda.

Proud of: Brayden, for all his accomplishments this year in kindergarten. Do you ever have moments when time finally slows down enough, even for a few minutes, that you just get to admire your kids and how wonderful they are? Brayden makes my heart explode when I think about how wonderful he is. He’s smart, talented, well mannered (most of the time) and genuinely cares about his family and friends. He won an award near the end of the school year recently that he had wanted all year. 8 kids out of the 29 in his class got this award for the entire year. I was so excited for him and he was so excited! After the award ceremony, we had to go shopping of course…..4 toys later we left haha.

b award

What’s goin’ on in your world these days?

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