What’s Your Design Style?

What’s your design style?

I wish there was a cheesy quiz attached to that question, you know the ones that ask you where you like to vacation, what your favorite color is and what type of dog describes you–ya, I’d take one of those if it would magically tell me what my favorite style was officially called.

[Can I just say that as I write this post for the SECOND time, I’m just so frustrated with the fact that I have to write it a second time?  My first draft didn’t save and I really only remember half the wisdom I had bestowed upon you all –so ya, now I have to think about all my wise ideas and smart suggestions all over again.  To be honest, it may be harder than it sounds because at the moment I’m totally preoccupied with a slice of homemade triple berry pie that I picked up at the farmers market this evening.  #Sorrynotsorry]

When Brock and I bought our old house, we I decorated very traditional.  Jewel tones, leather furniture, heavy damask curtains, artificial plants…you know, kinda old school.  I felt like that house just didn’t have the right “vibe” to decorate how I really wanted to.

So, you can imagine my excitement when we decided to build our current house.  Within reason, we were able to pick out all the fun detail like flooring, cabinets, ceiling heights, lighting etc.  Now, I will say this–if money was absolutely no object, we would definitely have these gray solid hardwoods that I was drooling over, but I also wanted the oversized cabinets in black too and a Jacuzzi tub.  Priorities people!  We can always switch out the flooring later when our kids get older, but we can’t add an extra 3 feet to our living room ceiling.  We also knew we would be replacing flooring in the next 5 years anyways when we figured we would be dog-less again.

When it came to trying to figure out a decorating style for our house, I knew exactly what I wanted, but I had no idea what it was called.  Thankfully, I have a friend who works as an interior decorator and after asking pretty much the same question 50 different ways, she told me that my “style” is modern cottage.  Perfect!  Finding out the actual name for the decorating style you wish to use is as great as finally finding out what body style you have, or what skin tone you have.  All major victories in my book by the way.  Not to mention google becomes your best friend once you have an actual style type to search for.

Here’s the thing about the cottage type of decor.  I’m sure most of you already know, but the color palette is pretty much white, off white, dove white, beige, cream, and a splash of a bright color thrown in.  When we built our house, at the time we had 3 dogs (I miss you Stella!) and Brayden was 3, almost 4.  We planned on having another baby within the year, so we had to be realistic and I had to face the fact that I was going to have to adjust my decorating accordingly.  So we decided to use a lot of robins egg blue and paint some of the bathrooms a bright color, then accent with rustic décor or white picture frames.  It’s not exactly 100% cottage like, but it’s close and it fits in our lifestyle–and that’s very important.  I guess if we had dogs that didn’t shed or drool, or there was no worry of crayon being scribbled on a white couch (it gives it character, right?), or if we had a live in maid that made sure no one actually sat on anything dirty, I would have this:


www_zimbio_com 1

But until the day I have a live in maid that walks around with a sweeper and dust towel 24-7, I’m willing to decorate how we have started to.  We have been in our house 2 years and every year we have a big project.  The first year we built a fence literally a week after we moved in, then a play house a few weeks later, then last year with my pregnancy and Mason being born we spent our efforts getting Mason’s room decorated.  This year we have put on all of our cabinet hardware, installed some plantation blinds and started on our deck.  We used composite board when building the deck, so that we didn’t have to worry about the kiddos getting splinters, or the dogs clawing it up.  Plus, it’s completely worth it because it has a 30 year warranty and you don’t ever have to paint it!  That my friends, is a win win for a busy family!  Next summer we will add benches and planters to our deck.

Currently, I’m searching for a set of the perfect winged back arm chairs for our flex room.  Our flex room is basically an extra empty space.  If we were trying to use every square foot of our house wisely, we probably would have turned the flex room into an office, but ah well—that’s what the future is for.

Here are a few photos of what we have accomplished so far.  Much more to go!

house collage

Kitchen June 10

(P.S.–these photos were taken before the blinds and cabinet hardware were installed :0) )

What type of style do you gravitate towards when decorating your house?  What are your favorite stores to collect décor finds from?  I definitely am always sure to check Pier 1, World Market and Home Goods.  And I think it’s obvious to most readers by now, that if I could actually live inside of a Pottery Barn catalog, I would.

What tips and tricks do you have for completing household décor projects?

Also, help a sista out.  If you are like me and want to buy yourself a Pottery Barn because you love it that much,  I want to know where you have found your favorite pieces.  What interior design websites do you stalk daily? 🙂

Until next time all…… xoxo







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