Mason Turns 1

{At 8:30 am on Friday, July 12th—you were born, Mason Gregory.}

About 10 years ago, Brock and I decided we would eventually like to have 2 kiddos. Well, guess what…we have 2 beautiful, healthy children. Both boys, both adorable, both spunky, talkative, happy and so loved by so many.

Planning Brayden’s 1st birthday party (our first little guy) was so exciting! Every detail was covered, and I literally mean every detail. I even had a guest book for people to sign and write messages to Brayden—complete with a camera to snap a pic to put in the guest book as they signed.

Planning Mason’s was a little different. Not because we have 4 more years of busy-ness under our belts, but just because I knew it was the last 1st birthday party I would plan for one of my own kids. There was a little bit more emotion attached to it—a bittersweet type of emotion. However, a party to plan is a party to plan—and it was fun!

I couldn’t decide on a theme…should I do dump trucks, cars, police cars, fire trucks, the typical 1st birthday for a boy—aka everything blue type of party or something with animals. Mason LOVES cars and stuffed animals (and ninja turtles thanks to bubby), so I decided to do fire trucks. I mean, who doesn’t love fire trucks with all their sirens and lights?!

mason bday1

Planning was much easier this time around. It’s called Etsy. ‘Nough said. Three E Designs (their shop is completely adorable) designed the invitations and an entire décor package for his birthday party. It was so organized (you all know I’m a sucker for organized projects) and so much easier than walking every Target and Party City aisle in three different towns.

mason bday4

mason bday8

mason bday9

mason bday6

mason bday10

mason bday11

Our little big one year old had a blast at his party. It’s safe to say he partied his little heart out with his baby buddies and older friends and family members. And in case you were wondering if he liked the cake or not…this picture should clear things up.

mason bday7

mason bday12

I can’t believe a year has (literally) flown by. I’m not the overly emotional type, but the day before his birthday I thought it would be a great (dumb is the word you’re looking for) idea to go through the newborn clothes and get rid of what I didn’t absolutely have to keep and there were a few times that waves of emotion smacked me in the face–hard. “He’s going to be 1 tomorrow.” “These 3 month clothes fit him at this time last year.” “He’s our last baby.” “Mason, like Brayden, is growing up so fast that I can’t even keep up!”

At the end of the day though, it all boils down to everyday blessings and love. I know how blessed we are to have 2 amazing, healthy little boys. God is amazingly good and I thank him every day, A LOT, for what He’s given to us.

mason bday14

{Mason, on your 1st birthday, you could:}

Walk while holding onto something steady

Crawl faster than a cheetah runs

Chew anything put in front of you with your 6 teeth

Say “ma, ma, ma” and “da, da, da”, “nigh, nigh”, “ba, ba”, “bye, bye, bye” and “hi”.

Give open mouth kisses, only when you decided it was a good time to

Dance and sing to anything, even when Brayden sings songs to you

Wave goodbye and hello

Babble non-stop

Give hugs (again, selectively)


Sleep from 7:45 pm to 4 am, then again until 6:45 or 7 am.

Play with your favorite toys, like your Little People cars, stuffed Mickey Mouse, sea turtle and orangutan, bubby’s ninja turtles and blocks and keys, and the occasional TV remote if you could steal it from daddy. 🙂


Mason Gregory,

YOU are one of our biggest blessings. Lots of hugs, kisses and infinite love to our ray of sunshine!!


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