Anxiety Series, Post #3: Things That Help Me (Coping Strategies)

**I am not a doctor and do not have the skills to tell someone what medications or supplements/hormones to take**  (Like you didn’t already know….but just in case haha) As many of you know all too well, having anxiety certainly is a rough road.  Some days are rougher than others.  I think once you accept […]

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Handling Situations with OCD

The first thing I wanted to talk about is how I deal with contamination OCD in everyday situations.  After all, this was the first anxiety disorder I was diagnosed with that has totally changed the way I think about simple things.  I was going to make the focus of this post of what a “typical” […]

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Anxiety Series #1: Let’s Talk Background & How I Got To Where I Am Now

How do you post about something that makes you uncomfortable?  Wait, WHY would you post about something that makes you uncomfortable?  I really have no idea how to start this post or what I could use as a catchy opening paragraph that would lure you into reading what’s to follow, because really, it’s a scary […]

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North Carolina Has My Heart

Before we really begin the story, there are some things you need to know about me.  When I was 12 and in 7th grade, I suddenly fell in love with all things North Carolina.  That was also one of the years UNC went to the championship game for college basketball.  I’ve never been a huge […]

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Home Projects and Inspiration

Hello lovelies! The hubs and I are getting ready to embark on making some changes to our home this year.  I mean, we’ve put it off for like 3 years and it’s just one of those things we need to bite the bullet on and finish….well not finish, but at least complete these couple of […]

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