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Hello lovelies!

The hubs and I are getting ready to embark on making some changes to our home this year.  I mean, we’ve put it off for like 3 years and it’s just one of those things we need to bite the bullet on and finish….well not finish, but at least complete these couple of changes.

Our home is going to be 6 years old in May.  I’ve decorated the office, the flex room, the kids’ rooms and started on our bedroom, BUT have never touched our living room.  It’s so intimidating to me!  Literally, all I’ve done is put up 2 picture collages and that’s the end.

So, this spring we are FINALLY giving our living room the make over it deserves.  I mean, hark the harold angles sing, right?

Anyways, here’s a before picture:

(So plain, so un-homey, so undecorated—and I took down the curtains I originally had because I couldn’t stand long curtains {let there be as much light as can shine through those windows…amen?!})

living room before2living room before1

Now, here’s a picture of what we are planning to do with the empty wall:

Shiplap wall living room

*Instead of barn wood, we are doing white ship-lap.  Brock has been taking measurements this weekend to make sure we have enough material. I’m giddy, guys!  I thought we were going to start on this project this fall, but between athletic and work schedules, it didn’t happen.  We will finally have a place to put our TV and can get rid of the old TV stand!  And, I will finally have built in’s to decorate!  Bring on all the pictures that I have framed, but can’t fit on the tables in our flex room. 🙂

Also in the plans for the first half of this year:  New floors on the first level of our home!  I think I may be more excited about this than any other home improvement item….ever!  When we designed our flooring for this house, we choose the (almost) cheapest carpet because we knew we wanted to eventually have hardwoods.  Life happens and suddenly it’s almost 6 years later and we still haven’t put them in.  2 words….IT’S HAPPENING!

I have 3 different colors picked out and I’ve been trying to educate myself on what brands, colors and finishes are out there to choose from.  Here’s what I’ve narrowed it down to.  Let me know your thoughts!

Flooring ideaflooring idea2flooring idea3

Finally to complete our living room, I’m going to have my super duper talented aunt make curtains in a style similar to these:

curtain idea1

Only, I am going to have them made with coral and off white stripes, similar to this:

fabric_coastal stripe_coral_web

The living room is obviously our biggest project, but moving on from there and into our master bath, I also want to add shelves, similar to this:

bathroom concept shelves

Shewwww, so that’s the main goal of 2018!  I cannot wait!  I’m so excited to share progress photos and before and afters on here with everyone.

What are your house goals for 2018?  Any big projects on the horizon?

Until next time……

Mary ❤



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