Lime Give-a-Way and what it can do for you!

When I think of spring and summer, I immediately think bright colors, fun outdoors, grilling out, sunshine and healthier food choices like fruits and veggies, homemade salsa and summer smoothies.

So, when I put my “oil hat” on, the oils that come to mind as spring and summer must haves are oils like LIME, lemon, tangerine, grapefruit, geranium and orange.

I recently ordered Lime and I love it! You can do so much with this oil, that I thought….why not share it with anyone who orders a Premium Starter Kit?

So, other than smelling great, what does Lime do? Check these suggestions out:

–Promotes mental clarity

–Encourages creativity

–When applied topically to the skin, it may reduce dark spots due to aging

–Acts as an insect deterrent

–Taken internally, it supports a healthy digestive system

–Aids in weight management (add a drop to your water!)

–When cooking with it, you can add olive oil and make a great marinade or glaze for chicken and salmon!

–Lime can also be used in fresh salsa and margaritas!!! Cinco de Mayo anyone?

–Lime acts as grease fighter, anxiety buster (lime is a key ingredient in the Stress Away blend!) and mood-lifter as well!

My favorite use for it right now other than adding it to my water, is to diffuse it with lemon and grapefruit. Sweet summertime—it smells so yummy!

Until April 20th, anyone who orders the Premium Starter Kit from me, will get a FREE bottle of Lime too!!**
Happy Spring!!

**To sign up for the Premium Starter Kit, (you will also receive a 24% discount on any future Young Living orders) go to My enroller and sponsor ID number is 2061562. Please place that number in both spots when signing up.

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