Can I get some motivation up in herrrrrrrrrre?


If only motivation could be bought at a store. “Ya, I’ll take a package of motivation, I don’t care about the cost because it’s  worth it.”

Unfortunately, it cannot be bought; it is something that has to come from within. For me, motivation and determination go hand and hand. I have to be so incredibly determined to accomplish something (or prove someone wrong) that I have no other choice than to act motivated. You notice I said act motivated, not be motivated. There in lies the problem. Anyone can act motivated, anyone can start a project or goal. To be motivated is completely different. Being motivated means never giving up, it means finishing what you start and always pushing forward to be a better version of yourself.

Those of you who let nothing stand in your way? Well, you are my heroes. Because, at the end of the day, no matter how good my intentions are, I’m having a really hard time being motivated lately. Maybe its because I work 40+ hours a week, have a family, a house to keep clean, dinners to cook, homework to help with, Thirty One and Young Living accounts to attend to and occasionally this blog. (Oh, this poor neglected blog) That doesn’t even include my wants, like being able to find time to work out, seeing my friends from time to time and actually dedicating time to the decorating the house and keeping up with the yard work this spring and summer to keep it looking like people really do, in fact, live at our house.

I’m tired. My brain hurts. There, I said it. I hate complainers and people that blame everything on their kids or their jobs or their spouses. You won’t find that here. Why would I ever place blame on something that has contributed to the good in our lives?? This is about me. I’m just….exhausted and now I have the task of figuring out how to manage it. I have this problem in that I want to be 110% in every single aspect of my life and I set these big lofty goals and have such high aspirations that when they don’t happen, I feel like a major failure. Though, I know a lot of mothers or busy businesswomen may feel this way.

What’s the solution? Who knows! Instead of eliminating stress in my life, I just look for ways to reign it in a bit; aka, basically just putting a band aid on the real stress. I mean, I don’t want to ever miss an opportunity. What if I stop selling Thirty One and 20 people want to place an order at Christmas? That would eat at me forever. What if I didn’t pick up the house or do laundry a few nights a week? By the weekend, when most people find a few minutes to relax, I would be more concerned about how awful the house looked after a few days of piled up toys and laundry.

Oh and disclaimer: I have a very helpful husband. We play zone defense in our house, 2 kids, 2 parents. Go, go, go—hike, hike! If I’m giving the kids a bath, he’s doing dishes, if I’m doing homework with our 6 year old, he’s picking up toys.  You wanna know what else?  We haven’t even dove into the sports world with 2 kids yet.  So far, its just Brayden playing one sport a season.  Wanna know what else?  I know homework is going to be insane in the membrane starting next year for Brayden too.  So, in a way, I am still THANKFUL that we aren’t to that point yet. I feel like I should be preparing now for how to handle it and keep my sanity and not be the parent in the drive through getting dinner every night.

So what is my plan?  To be honest, I haven’t decided yet, but I’m trying to make very small changes.  For example, we bought an exercise bike and even though it’s against everything inside me, I put it in a corner of our living room.  So, at 10 or 11pm, when I am able to relax a little, I relax on the bike.  I try to get about 10-12 miles in, several days a week.  Is it heavy lifting and hard core gym time?  No, but it’s something.  I also started notebooks for all my schedules.  I’m the person who has her iPhone calendar full, her outlook calendar full and about 50 gazillion post it notes covering my desk and in my purse.  I’m trying to write out my entire schedule once a week.  Even little things go on the schedule—nights I make dinners, sweeping the car out, goals…objectives….you get the picture.

Eating is a hard area for me. I eat pretty healthy all day and even my snacks are of the healthy variety.  Then 10:30 pm rolls around.  Even if I’m on the bike cycling my little heart out, I’m starving.  STARVING.  Food is all I can think about.  So, after my workout, you may find me eating skinny pop or a handful of almonds or peanuts, or in rare instances, a bowl of gluten free cereal.  It’s not great, friends.  Eating that late at night….ugh.  My weight is ALWAYS on my mind.  I’m such a numbers person and no one or nothing can change that.  So, when I hop on the scale the next morning after 2 servings of skinny pop or whatever….you notice.  Which in turn, makes me feel like a complete failure at being healthy and meeting my weight loss goals.  It’s a vicious cycle.

My question to everyone reading this is:  how do you keep your motivation and feel like an organized person who has at least 75% of her “stuff” together?  I mean, I never thought this would be a question I would be asking —and at this point I fully expect a response saying I will find my answer at the end of the rainbow that has the gold and dancing leprechauns.  Why is it so hard?  The tasks that seem most simple, may be some of the hardest; life is funny like that.

In this crazy world with so many options and decisions, I know I’m beyond blessed-I know the big picture is that I have it better than a lot of people, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t thank Him for these amazing blessings.  I realize this may be a trivial post to some of you, but I genuinely would love to pick everyone’s brain about how you make it work.  I don’t expect anyone to have the perfect answer because different ideas work for different people.  What is working best for you and your family?  Tips?  Tricks? Thoughts?

What are you most motivated to accomplish?

Oh and happy Monday friends!


  1. Pick 5 things you want to accomplish for the day and write those down. Those are the first things you have to get done. If you get more done, cool. If not, so what? I have learned I have to simplify. I can’t put my creative juices into EVERYTHING. I pick a few things to allow my creativity to run crazy but not everything needs flair because flair is time sucking.

    Maybe take a step back and see what you are passionate about, what do you want as your BIG DREAM? What is going to get you there? You have 24 hours a day, what are you doing today that is taking you one step closer to your big dream?

    We will figure it out. It will happen. It will be all good in the end. Just stay positive!!

    • So true about not putting your creative juices into every single task. It’s habit for me for want to put creative juices into everything.
      Great advice 🙂 🙂

  2. Nothing helps my motivation like a day of being unplugged with my family. It sounds counter-intuitive and there is some amount of anxiety that comes along with not being reachable for a day, but when the stress of the endless task lists gets overwhelming, I know I need it. Technology is great, but it has us all feeling like we must be on call and ready to go for everyone in the world that has our contact info, and even our family physician has told Evan recently that this is just plain unhealthy.
    I usually end the day before combining my various to-do lists (email inbox, post it notes, calendar items), then I categorize each by the type of task (email, order, housework, project) and then assign general time frames (now, next week, this month, future). I let my phone die or turn it off… even better if we go somewhere and I leave it at home. Evan will turn his off and leave it in his car for this purpose.
    I spend that time to focus on my family and household. We take care of easy things around the house (laundry, cleaning, organizing, or yard projects – things that you don’t have to rush through and that you can step back and look at afterwards with a sense of accomplishment) and we do at least one fun thing out of the house. If everything is done around the house, we might just leave and go somewhere else all day together.
    Then when I return to the regular grind the next day, I take out that to-do list that I put together 2 days before and I start tackling the “now” items, grouped by task type, and get back to work with a renewed sense of motivation, organization, and a feeling of accomplishment.

  3. Taking a break from social media would be amazing. I feel like so much of my business ventures depend on it though so I feel like I can’t break away. Like I have to be reachable 24-7.
    On vacation it’s always nice to just leave my phone in my room and go outside for the day…but there’s this thing called the beach that’s a great distraction haha.
    THanks for the comment!!!! 🙂

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