2015 is HERE!!!

2015 is here…whoopity whoop de woo!!
You know what’s exciting about January? Almost nothing. EXCEPT the notion that the month is wide open for new possibilities. I’m such a possibilities girl. I love the “fresh” feeling of January, even if it is colder than a frozen terd outside and overcast every single day. Both of the latter I cannot stand by the way. I wonder what starting January 1st in Santa Monica or San Fran feels like. I’m guessing sunny and 70, plus still having the feeling like the year is limitless. Excuse me while I start stashing money to pack us all up and move.

In all seriousness though, I love the feeling of making changes, upgrades, updates etc. Whether they are mental, physical, and emotional or whatever your little heart can think up. It brings me a sense of excitement and forces me to take on a few challenges.

2014 was a great year! I’m thankful for a productive, healthy, fulfilling, safe year with family, friends, my job and my Thirty One career! I’m amped about 2015. I’m looking forward to tackling some of the goals I have set for myself and our family and excited to see how you all tackle your goals as well! I need to blog more, just like I need to make time for several other things….one of which is to go on more dates with my husband!

I’ve learned since being married in 2004 (yikes that was forever ago) that you have to have a strong foundation first before you can work on fulfilling goals like losing weight, house projects, exercising, cooking more etc. When your priorities are straight (mine are God, family, job, school for the boys) then you can work towards singling out some of the smaller goals that eventually add up to major successes. Does that make sense? I feel like that was lengthy and maybe not exactly the clearest explanation.

Here are my goals for 2015 and a preliminary plan on how to achieve them:
1.) Lose 15 pounds and TONE.
**15 pounds will be a major challenge for me. It will require discipline and will power, which I struggle with daily with things that come secondary to my foundation pieces (God, marriage, kids, job etc). I’ve come to realize that’s just something that will always come as a hard task for me to overcome. I can’t complain about it and never put forth the major effort to achieve something I so badly want to achieve. So…..yep. Hello to hard core calorie counting at MyFitnessPal (fitmek) and tracking steps with my fitbit. Toning is also very important to me with my weight loss journey. I’m trying to take this slow and build up muscle that I’ve lost over the years, especially in my core after having a c-section. Wish me luck

2.) Be outside more.
**Being outside makes me so happy. There’s nothing better than the smells of springtime on a sunny day. In the spring and summer time Brock and the kids spend a generous amount of time outside and I always find myself rushing in to clean or make dinner and by the time I’m ready to enjoy the evening, its 10pm. I’m going to try and make more of an effort to enjoy my evenings and some of my other 2015 goals will help me achieve this…like meal prep/planning.

3.) Work on some of my tendencies related to anxiety and try not to let them get in the way of things I love to do.
**Over the past year my anxiety has gone through a few rougher than most phases. I despise having anxiety issues, but its hereditary and it runs on both sides of my family, so lucky me. I realize all I can do is work through it and keep on keeping on. The minute I let it control something I really want to do, is when it starts getting worse. I’m hoping that by finding discipline and will power in other areas, it can help me overcome my worries and anxieties!

4.) Go on more dates with Brock.
**Last year, we were able to go out on 4 dates. That’s right people, 4. And 3 of them were rush through dinner or rush to the movie and back home dates. I’m fortunate to have my mom watch our kiddos through the week, so when the weekend comes and Brock and I actually want to have adult time, I feel terrible asking my parents to babysit. But in 2015, I’m going to make it happen because darn it, we need to date each other! It’s important and we have a great time when we are able to enjoy a movie or dinner date together.

5.) Meal planning and prep, and cooking at home more.
**In 2014 I did get better at cooking more at home, but it never really saved me anytime because it took a lot of time to cook and then it was up to me to make another dinner night after night…essentially taking up way too much time that my evenings never hold. Enter meal planning. Guys—truth be told, I suck at this. The few times I’ve given it a go, I find every excuse in the book “I don’t want to use plastic containers, I want to use glass and I don’t have enough glassware”, “this requires a microwave and my office doesn’t have one.” “I don’t want to eat this lean cuisine because it’s processed.” “I hate chopping up veggies, it takes so much time.” I don’t know when I became the master food excuse maker but seriously, ITS RIDICULOUS! Back to basics….make salads ahead of time and stash them in the fridge, put toppings in a separate smaller container and refrigerate those as well. Make 6-8 breakfast sandwiches on Saturday or Sunday and keep them refrigerated until use during the upcoming week. Make crock-pot meals and double the recipe for 2 night’s worth of dinners and maybe a bit extra to put on salad greens. Sure, there may be a day I want my beloved Chick Fil A grilled nugget cob salad and I’m sure there will be at least one night that Brock has to have pizza, but for the most part, I’m sure I can manage through this so I don’t feel like a chicken with my head cut off day in and day out.

dd banana split shake

6.) Try not to use my credit card as much.
**Enough said. I don’t really have an explanation for this, except for Dave Ramsey would be proud. No, we don’t follow his program, but I’m sure he would give me a high five for not using my credit card.

7.) Makeover my closet.
**Get rid of pieces I no longer wear. Can you believe I finally parted ways with my first pair of Steve Madden leather boots this past summer? I bought them in 2000. So ya. I tend to keep things like shoes, purses and belts longer than anyone I know. I have belts in my closet from the “I have to dress like Britney Spears” era and shoes from my “pre kids” days. There’s no reason. None. Unless you have MAJOR designer items—HIGH end designer items, there’s no reason to keep this stuff! It’s going. Coach bags….going. I’m keeping the first one I ever received because Brock bought it for me and it is special in my eyes, but the others that I feel have worn out their welcome are going. And I want to make sure I replace these items with good quality, versatile pieces that last a long time, real leather, cashmere, wool, silk…you get the picture. So if you see me out and about in the one of 20 items I’m sure to have left in my closet (exaggeration, but the struggle is real), don’t make fun of me. I’m slowly adding pieces back in.

8.) Read more devotionals, starting with Katie Ferrell’s “Devotions for a Healthier You”.
**I am really, really going to make my mission this year to find my true identity as a child of God. It’s one of those foundation pieces that I really need to work on. I feel like so many other things may fall into place if I just figure out who I am in the eyes of Jesus.

dashing dish books

9.) Work on reading more with both boys.
**Plain and simple. I’m thankful Brayden loves to read.

10.) Find a simple organization course of action for our house so I can enjoy it more.
**The few days I was off around the holidays, I spent a lot of time tackling small, nut noticeable projects, like clearing off the kitchen counters and finding homes for random knick knacks, organizing our linen closet upstairs, cleaning the laundry room etc. I really felt like I was getting my head above water for the first time in over a year. It was amazing what that did for my attitude! I’m trying to tackle small projects day by day, and with the help of my little helpers and Brock, I’m sure we will be able to find a little more organization by spring. This will help me cook more and be outside more. If I feel I have a de-cluttered home, then I feel like I can allow myself more “me” time. Aka, being outside.

11.) Work on transferring my 2000 pictures on my iphone to my computer.
**Most people’s phones automatically do this when they sync them to their computer. For some reason mine doesn’t. Hopefully this will be resolved after a phone call to Apple.

And that, my friends, is THE list. All I can do is give it my best.
What are your goals for 2015? I would love to hear what you have planned!


  1. CrysJenks says:

    If you move #8 to #1 the others will fall in place. O went through this 2 years ago and prioritizing my relationship with God, understanding His love for me and learning how to honor that love made everything easier.

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