Christmas Wrap-Up!

I hope all of you had a wonderful, fantastic, eat so much you can’t breathe, drink so much you can’t stand up, sleep so much you feel 20 years old again Christmas!

Our Christmas was absolutely wonderful!  Brayden, our 6 year old, was 125% committed to Christmas this year so it was so much fun to see how much he enjoyed it.  Mason, our 17 month old, has earned the prize for youngest present un-wrapper.  I’m impressed with his mad skillz!

So before I move onto a 2015 post, I wanted to share some Christmas photos.

I hope you don’t get bored.  If you do, there’s this little “x” in the upper right hand corner of your screen.  Just saying. 🙂


santa collage

Meeting Santa…..aww, how sweet.  Mason was terrified and Brayden spent the entire time trying to calm Mason down.  I just laugh. Everyone HAS to take their kids to see Santa every year and for parents it has seriously become a rotating line of kids who talk his ear off, kids who scream, kids who wont even go near him or kids that just stare at him intently.


You try to take a picture of 6 kids and get good smiles from all of them.  Mason took off long before I could snap the pic.


Dad, the present can wait, just give me your phone!


Brayden lost his second tooth!


Hey cutie booty.  Mason was the KING of taking ornaments off the tree.  I’m almost positive I’ll find them in the most random spots in the months to come!


So, when I took this, Brayden was so excited to be able to sleep in Brock and I’s bed.  He tried to wait to fall asleep until I was in bed, but he was out like a light when I fell asleep.  This was Christmas eve, eve.  He loved every second of Christmas this year and I really hope we were able to live up to everything he expected.

doggies andb

Typical.  A boy and his boxers.


Christmas Eve!!


Stocking goodies!


Silent Night…..


I do tricks guys, I’ll be here all day.  Except I nap from 9-11 and again at 1-4.


This may sound sappy, but this bracelet is from Brayden.  He bought it for me at the Santa Shop at school.  I love his sweet heart.

christmas day dinner

Christmas Dinner at my parents house!


I love this picture!  We have our own Christmas with the 4 of us first thing in the morning, then we head to my parents house for the day.  My brother and his wife were in town and spent the entire day at my parents house as well.  I’m pretty sure nothing more could make my parents happier than both their kids with their spouses and their 2 grand kids under the same roof.


You know you’re old and boring when you get excited about receiving the new dinnerware and flatware you asked your parents for, for Christmas.

new years eve

New Years Eve.  This year I had a plan!  We ordered Mexican food and rented the newest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie.  Even though this was Brayden’s second time seeing the movie, he was still glued to it.  NYE–success!  I have a lovely cold right now, so no pictures for me haha.

I truly hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.



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