“You’ll Always Remember What You Were Doing”

September 11, 2001

“Never Forget”.

Everyone has their own story.  Intermixed with photos from various media of the tragedy, I’m going to let my own words from that day tell mine.  These are excerpts from a journal I kept at the time.  I didn’t know what else to do when I got home from campus that day, but to write it down.



sept 11-1

sept 11-2

sept 11-3


9-11 Image flag

God Bless everyone who had to live through this in Manhattan that day, families who lost loved ones and those who fight for our country everyday so that this never happens again.

911 now memorial

Here is the Today Show episode I was watching as everything unfolded,  It gives me goosebumps to watch, even 13 years later:




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