Trigger Foods

Oh, these sneaky little diet crashers.  Things could be going well, you could be in a great eating routine, losing weight steadily and BAM…a bag of kettle chips show up in your pantry and you want them, like, yesterday.  You avoid them for as long as you can, then you take a sneak peek and see that the bag even says “reduced fat”.  It suddenly becomes a can’t stop, won’t stop kind of situation.  1 serving becomes 2 in no time flat, aka 140 calories becomes 280 in a matter of half an hour.


Why do we do this to ourselves?  I really have no idea, but my brain sure does love to justify snacking on said kettle chips, peanuts and Skinny Pop popcorn around 10:00 every night.  I know it’s completely a mental thing, and I’m also sure that if I spent more time during the day getting a little more protein in, that I may not have the 10pm mega cravings.  However, I probably have these cravings because I have spent too much time giving in and having the snack, which obviously I do not need.  Basically I’m sabotaging myself and it sucks.

peanuts   skinny pop

The only solution I can come up with:  Just stop doing it.  Stop eating late, stop eating large portions, stop buying these “triggers” at the grocery store.

Simple enough, right?  I’m sure it won’t be.  I will have to train my body again to avoid foods that make it easy for me to justify eating more than 1 serving.

So much about being healthy is mental.  As long as you are in the correct mind set, you can pretty much do anything.  For lack of a better word, I hate to “lose”, and when eating healthy becomes a challenge because of something as simple as eating way too many peanuts or a few too many servings of Skinny Pop (even when I’m not hungry to begin with) I feel like I’m losing, which makes me insanely frustrated.

Something that is seemingly so simple, that’s actually super hard.

What are some of your “trigger foods” and how do you manage staying true to healthy eating?



  1. My trigger foods are both salty and sweet but I’ve learned to make my faves at home with whole food ingredients- gluten free pizza with sweet potato crust, baked kale chips, and flourless dark chocolate muffins are the best!

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