My Progess

So, what’s the progress lady?!

before and after

8 pounds (almost 9) GONE!  As much as I want to make this a big segment of this blog right now, I’m going to refrain.  You’re welcome.

I literally become giddy when it comes to health, dieting and losing weight.  If you have read this blog, or specifically checked out this post, you are aware.

On January 28th, I started my “diet” with some help from  You can read about the basics of the formulazone plan, here.   I strictly followed this plan  for 3 weeks, losing weight pretty steadily.  Then, our 5 year old came down with a little cold and last week we were hit with having to put my beloved dog to sleep.  Needless to say, it sort of all caught up with me and made me lose focus on preparing meals ahead of time and planning out menus.  However, I still logged my calories everyday on and knew I could continue to lose as long as I stayed at the 1340 calorie/day limit given to me by formulazone.  Right now, I’m continuing to lose mainly by counting calories.  I still have formulazone breakfasts most every day and half of the week, I will fix lunches from the formulazone menu plan as well.

I will admit, I never felt hungry and felt really good while exclusively following the formulazone plan.  I can tell a difference now in how I feel, now that I’m only following the plan half the time and counting calories the other half.  My hope is that I can start planning and preparing meals again next week.

8 pounds…so what, you may say.  Well 8 pounds means a lot to me.  Above all the usual aspects like losing a size and a half and loving the lower #’s on the scale; it means I’m committed.  It means I jumped the “this is too hard” hurdle and got through the toughest part. To me, that’s where success is.  Now I’m within 5 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight and within 11 of my ultimate goal.  I’m excited to see what’s next!  Stay tuned….


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