I thought this would be something different and fun to do!  If you have a couple seconds, check some of these out…


Listening To:

+”True Blood”, Justin Timberlake

+Beyoncé’s new album, mainly the songs “Heaven”, “XoXo”, “Drunk in Love” and “Pretty Hurts”

+”Baby Blue”, Dave Matthews

+”5 Steps”, Dru Hill–aka bringin’ the 90’s soul back

Checking Out (the dub-ya, dub-ya, dub-ya):


+Cougar Town (if you’re not watching this, we can’t be friends)

+Chicago Fire (maj man candy in the form of Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney)

+Keeping Up With The Kardashians, though, every time I watch this show I feel the sudden urge to get a spray tan and spend about 5 ga-gillion dollars on eye make-up.  Anyone else?  No?  Just me?  Thought so.

+Toned Up–these girls are major inspirations!


Reading: (I should preface this by saying I work 24-7, am a wife and a mom of two, so this category is pretty much non existent unless I can lock myself in the bathroom for 15-20 minutes to get a few pages read before Brayden figures out how to unlock the door)

+Balancing It All, by one of my fav’s, Candace Cameron Bure


+Skinny Pop cracked black pepper popcorn.  It’s like low fat crack in a bag.  Wait….my version of what I think crack would be like. Ha!


Final Thought:  2 years ago today I started this lil ol blog!  You can (and should) read my first post here .



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