FormulaZone and Me

This post isn’t going to be filled with pictures of me in 2003 when I was a size 4, or in 2001 when I was a 2.  It’s also not going to be filled with statements like “2 kids later…”.  No, it’s not me.  Why should we, as moms, or people trying to be the best version of ourselves hide behind sayings like that?  The fact of the matter is weight loss is calories in vs calories out and a toned body comes from hours and hours of dedication and consistency.  When you try to cut corners it gets too complicated and you have to start fresh again.

As I mentioned in this post in #7, I’m a little obsessed with the diet and nutrition industry–sometimes I play the diet games, but I also know in the back of my mind it’s probably not the best way to lose weight or be healthy.  I’m a smart girl, I get it.  I know deep down what works and what doesn’t.

Enter  I wouldn’t ever call this program a diet.  I joined this website in 2007 when I was tired of how I looked, and I lost 12-15 pounds within in 3 months.  FormulaZone is based on The Zone Diet created by Barry Sears.  Here’s what I know, I don’t have to restrict calories to some crazy low number a day (my plan is set up for 1335 calories a day) my day will be made up of 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat.  It really is the perfect balance.  I just remember feeling absolutely fantastic when I followed this plan last time!  The best thing about this?  I don’t have to give up coffee….it actually recommends it!  Uhm, yes please.  I chose this “plan” because I have realized I really like structured plans to success.  Probably more of that Type A personality I keep hearing so much about.

Here is a sample of what some of the menu’s look like:


This is what I will now be responsible for:

–Making the commitment.  Following through.  Being consistent.  Even when I want a cupcake so bad, I need to think about the end result.

I think when it comes to making yourself a healthier person, it’s not going to be an easy task.  I think that’s obvious, considering the US is one of the unhealthiest countries….well… understand.  It’s only going to work if you MAKE it work–to make it work, you have to put forth serious effort.  This is where things get tricky for me.  I’m soooo terrible at being consistent with something that isn’t absolutely necessary.   Blame it on having kids on the brain, having a full schedule, being obsessed with organizing the day to day clutter in the house after work or whatever…these are excuses.  I get that, but maybe I don’t GET that.  Yes, I am extremely busy, whether it’s mentally or physically challenging–there’s always something.  The time has come though where that does not and can not matter.

So here’s the bottom line, I want to lose 15 pounds, but 10 would put me at pre-Mason weight.  There’s no better time than today to start.  Yes, it will be so rough for me, especially the first week, especially because I usually eat 1600 calories a day.

So please, if you know me, and you know how badly I want this weight off, please send me a text or email to check up on me, scold me, hit me over the head with a bat if I have a few days in a row where I mess up, scream at me until I finally get it…whatever  your badass method of getting a message through to someone may be.

Here’s to losing 15, and gaining back more confidence!



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