Bright, Shiny New Year

Ahh, the New Year.  The time of year where gyms are overcrowded, weight watchers booms and many set out to “be better” at something, or “quit” something.  Insert whatever habit you choose.  Resolutions yo….resolutions.

I don’t make resolutions per se, but I do love the start of a new year.  Like anything bright, shiny and brand new, it usually catches my attention and makes me happy.  Hence my makeup collection…or anything from my favorite jewelry obsession Stella and Dot.

While I don’t resolve to make big things happen in 2014, I’m so excited to see what the year holds and try my hardest to help make it fun and interesting, all while setting out to try new things and be the best me I know to be.  No mountains will be moved I’m sure, but I may try a new food, or plant a mini garden, or actually stay home long enough to cook a few meals or do something crazy like advertise my blog on a few other blogs, just because I’m fascinated by the blogging world!

I thought since it was a new year and many people have the resolution of doing something good for themselves, it would be fun to share some new products I recently started using, in my quest to get rid of harsh chemicals in our household.  I’m always stalking Target’s shelves for the latest and greatest products, but I’m picky when it comes to what I use.  I will give up the awesome smelling body wash that makes me think of the beach, to use something a little less strong smelling (think pond instead of beach–ok maybe that’s not the best comparison…) that contains no harsh chemicals.  Over the summer when I had Mason, I decided I would only use Burt’s Bees or Honest Co products on him, this carried over to switching Brayden’s bubbles and body wash to hypoallergenic Suave Kids body wash and Honest Co bubble bath.  Since I was having such great luck with the Burt’s Bees brand with Mason, I decided recently I should use it myself!

Recently I stumbled upon these products:


I love the smell of this shampoo, and when I blow dry my hair after I use this, it really does give my hair more volume.  Those of you who have had a baby know that is MONEY, since you feel like you are going bald by the time your baby is 4 months old from the post partum hair loss (more on this later).  This shampoo was around $8.00, which in my opinion, is a great deal considering its actually a good quality/organic type of shampoo.


This Pearanormal Activity body wash by gud is FAB!  And wouldn’t you know, this company is a part of Burt’s Bees!  Right about now, Burt’s Bees is scoring extremely high on my favorite products list!  You can find this at Target, for around $7.00.  It is made without parabens, pthalates or petrochemicals (as is the Burt’s Bees shampoo listed above).

This next product was recommended to me by my hair stylist.  I have been going to her since I was 19 years old, so we passed the “oh hey you are new here, you need these products because we sell them and I get a commission” about 12 years ago.  Basically she never tells me I need to buy something, so when she told me it would be in my best interest to use this Roberts Scalp Therapy gel in my hair…I kind of had to get it.  She loaded me up with samples and I’m going this weekend to get more.  The reason for this need: my hair is thin as can be on top because of the post partum hair loss that goes along with having a baby.  Usually it starts around 2-2.5 months, and it usually starts light, then before you know it, you’re pulling out 5-10 pieces of hair at a time, and when you have hair as long as mine you start to wonder if there will ever be an end in sight.  Mason is almost 6 months old now and I’m just now starting to see a tiny decline in the hair loss.  Finally.  Seriously, grow hair, grow.  Enter Roberts Scalp Therapy.  I hope you work!


Finally, I have to rave about the Honest Co.’s body wash/shampoo.  I only use this as a body wash because it was around $12.00 and you only get about 8 oz in the bottle;  if I were to use it for shampoo as well, it would run out super fast!  It has a very light vanilla/orange smell and I really like it.  It’s completely natural and I have used it on Brayden a few times and it works well for him too!  Just a little side note; every product I have purchased from the Honest Co has been wonderful.  A lot of times during the year they even offer free shipping!  I wish their body wash/shampoo came in a bigger size, but the company is stitll growing super fast everyday, so I’m sure it’s still yet to come.  You can check out this product and others at


What products do you plan to try in 2014?  Do you have any go-to products you can’t live without?  Let me know!

Happy New Year all!  I hope it’s super bright, shiny and treats you well!  🙂



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