Me, Me, Me–BE YOU

At 31, I still sometimes find myself thinking “what would [so and so] think if I did this?”  “How would people perceive me if I did this?”  Why I still stop and think about what others think before I do/purchase/say something is beyond me.  My friends that know me, know that I also have this strong need for everyone to like me and like everything I do.  I know it sounds crazy to think that could actually happen, but hey….sometimes all I can do is chalk it up to the fact that there are times when I live in my own world.

Everything we do in life is just kind of thrown out there for all to see.  It’s really sad that some people feel so bad about themselves that they feel the need to judge so harshly on things that bring others joy.  I’m guilty of judging, I think all of us are, but there’s a point where a line can be crossed.

Speaking of joy, you know what brings ME the most joy?  Being me!  Those moments when you just don’t care and let go.  That’s golden.  No one can take that away!  I don’t want to be just like everyone else and I don’t want to have to be proper and a perfectionist all the time.  Sure, there are right times and right places for everything, but other than my family and friends, nothing brightens a day for me more than sleeping till 9 am, jamming out to a Britney Spears CD (and by this I mean hair down, windows down, car dancing and singing at the top of my lungs of course), spending money on something I don’t need, watching endless seasons of Friends, being outside running around like a kid, going to get froyo and Starbucks–just because, being at the beach, learning a new dance, writing creatively, having my own photo shoot complete with hair, makeup and a stylist, eating fresh foods, the smell of [an old] Bath and Body Works scent May Bouquet, reminiscing with good friends and being thin and toned.

They may not be everyone’s favorite things, but they are some of mine and it’s nice to have something you can own like that!  You shouldn’t ever let someone take away the pieces that make you who you are.  Some days it may not seem important, but it honestly is a part of you!

Keep what you love close to your heart and don’t be scared to let loose.  Try new things, if it makes you happy, then it’s worth it!

I plan to do more of what I love in 2014 because if I’m genuinely happy, then everyone around me picks up a piece of happy too.

Cheers to what makes you sing with the windows down in 2014!


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